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Crying :'(

KnightStar I love Mad World, one of my favorite songs, but the meme world has ruined it for me and every time I play it I can' just makes me laugh.

lunamoonlight I have heard the song by a different artist, who did it more upbeat, but this is still an amazing song. I love it.

JD2005 :(

Queeny I love this song!

Who's a Walker here?

ArtistGirl compare this:

ArtistGirl and this:

ArtistGirl or this: (FH, KnightStar, LLM)

ArtistGirl or this: (kitten)

ArtistGirl or this: (GH)

KnightStar I know he was talking about lol. I thought walking. I don't walk.

Emelyisaway My friend is!!

GemHeart LOL AG

JD2005 Now I'm #AlanWalker4Life!

ArtistGirl and same JD, I started listening to his music,

Who's faded here?

Kitten hi albi

KnightStar Me.

Kinso Me I know all the lyrics

FortnitePlayer Me

JD2005 Me!!!


FunHeart1010 yup XD

lunalovegoodmolly Oh my goodness so funny

KnightStar Netflix is not watching....I am parasite 1

lunamoonlight XD, my mom needs to do this lol

ArtistGirl I’m parasite 2. he’s all grey.

Kitten LOL!

Who felt that? XDDD

ArtistGirl lol I have. When I have a project the teacher gave us a month to do, I stay up all night on the last night, bring it to school, tired but proud, and realise it was due the next day.

lunalovegoodmolly LOL! I get that

KnightStar Nah, we all get punished in our own time.

lunamoonlight K12 doesn't really have punishments except for bad grades, which is probably particially why I almost failed everything at k12 last year. In middle school, they aren't giving out detentions or anything yet, at least for 7th graders, they are being a little bit more lenient on the rules new middle school kids.