Hey guys, KidzSearch doesn’t need to make apps for their services like KidzNet, KidzTube etc. cuz look what I found. (Your probably gonna ask me how I did that, ps. sorry, but, doing this and-it only works on iPhone).

Ada4 And this is page 2

Ada4 Kidznet is way easier to use now

CoralSophie08 Works on ipad, too.

JD2005 Cool!

tacoboi i do pc i did not know this

Doing luna’s challenge

Ada4 Also guys I know that I have no service and my battery’s at 7

DukeSilver And I think that I might know who you're referring to...

EloquentRacer92 What is Luna's challenge?

ammyk @EloquentRacer92, check her page.

ammyk wait, the weeknd is canadian?

DukeSilver Apparently it's this thing where Luna dared people to share their browsing history.

JD2005 Nice. Are you a fan of The Weeknd?

Ada4 Yeah I also didn't know, but he's canadian

Ada4 @JD2005 not exactly. I don’t like his music that much. Except for can’t feel my face. I just saw him on the super bowl Pepsi concert, I didn’t even know who he was so I searched him up and took some samples of his music.

Ok, it wasn't that important. But-I'm not going to be checking KN as often as I do, instead of checking KN daily, I will be checking it weekly because KidzNet is kind of distracting me from homework, chores, school, family time etc.

Ada4 So I'm not like-leaving KN, just checking it once a...make that twice a week

JD2005 Kk!

Twentyonepilotsan That's ok!

Hey Luna! I heard that for a long time you have been trying to find a good search engine. Well, try Ecosia. It's safe, it's not kiddish, it doesn't take too many cookies etc. And it helps nature. Try it!

lunamoonlight Alright, cool

JD2005 Cool!

EloquentRacer92 Try DuckDuckGo. It does not collect personal information.

Ada4 I recommended DuckDuck Go to lunamoonlight but she said her school blocked it

JD2005 Same, @Ada4.

Did u guys see the new category on KT? Celebrity fan pages! I asked Kidzsearch to put in some celebrity fan pages, check it out!

JD2005 :O

EloquentRacer92 yeah

You guys heard Faded? And I’m sure @JD2005 has, since your an Alan Walker fan.

JD2005 Obviously, lol. I consider it as one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard! ❤

CSeriestechhero music with lyrics aren't appealing to me.

JD2005 @CSeriestechhero Wha- 😅

lunamoonlight @CSeriestechhero I prefer songs with meaningful lyrics best. Normal lyrics, meh. I don't really listen to instrumental much, I'd rather listen to someone with a soulful voice, or acapella than instrumental.

tacoboi what about SongsFaded2015 DarksideDifferent World · 2018 AloneAlone · 2016 The Spectre · 2017 On My WayLive Fast · 2019 LilyDifferent World · 2018 Alone, Pt. II (Remixes) · 2020

CSeriestechhero i just like windows 96 and Boards of Canada.

GemHeart Yup :)

lunamoonlight (I have listened to Darkside and Lily. Listened to Lily more often, you should check out gacha life music videos on YT for Lily, they are amazing)

JD2005 @tacoboi Naturally, being a fan of Alan, I love all of 'em, except Live Fast. That's because I'm not into rap music.

My phone wallpaper and widgets #1 (Lock Screen). No personal info such as my face are included.

Ada4 Shiny

JD2005 Nice!

lunamoonlight Just one more screen time notification...

JD2005 @lunamoonlight ...And it would have been PeRfEcT.

tacoboi no service lol

Totally cannot sleep right now 😕

JD2005 Oof. Listen to music? Or read a book maybe?

lunamoonlight #InsomniaGang

Autumn I just read a book and wait for the fajr adhan when i can't sleep, lol

Ada4 I pray fajr, but I don’t wait for it, my alarm wakes me up, and it was midnight, fajr was in 4 hours.

Ada4 I did read a book, maybe next time I’ll listen to music, thanks for the advice @JD2005

EloquentRacer92 SLEEP HACKS

JD2005 NP @Ada4. Happy to help!