There is this Muslim holiday I celebrate, called Eid Ul Fitr. It's like Christmas, even though lol it was like 18 days ago, I forgot to share with you what presents I got.

1. LED Light with Lavender Essential Oils

It's an LED light, though with an amazing smell of lavender, to comfort you while sleeping.

2. Pom-Pom Phone Case

So I got this pom-pom phone case, with kinda a vintage says "YOU GOT THIS" in caps and a cool font.

3. Computer Mic

I got a computer mic for vlogging, music and more from my sis.

4. Beauty Concepts Eye Makeup Set

A Makeup set from my mom with Mascara, beautiful shades of eyeshadow and some eyeliner as well, comes with a makeup brush

5. Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau De Fragrance

A pink and expensive perfume, with a sweet scent of a fluffy marshmallow acord, berries, candy, a sweet vanilla, blackberries and a fresh Italian bergamot, there's a cassis cream here too. BTW, I wished for it, and now I got it, lol! Check this post out if you don't know what I'm talking about, it was posted a while ago, idk if you saw it, it was posted before Eid. (Check it out here or the KT link below,

6. Cityscapes Coloring Book

Teen/Adult sweet calming cityscapes coloring book, gifted from my BFF.

And the thing is, I used to get toys and books for Eid but now that I'm older I have stuff like LED Lights and Perfume and Makeup and Phone Cases, Microphones, Adult coloring books,that kinda stuff. So..I'm happy!!!

JD2005 Awesome!

lunamoonlight Awesome!

lunamoonlight @JD2005 JINX PADLOCK, I WIN

Dear JD, you are one of the kindest people on the KidzSearch community. You help us with our struggles, make us laugh, and welcome us. Happy Bday! Hope you have a nice day!

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GuitaristKid *motion

Hey Everyone!!!! I haven't used KidzNet in weeks!!! I am so sorry, I have been using KT so much that I forgot about my friends on KN!!! I just wanted to check in on KidzNet, I don't really know what to post, lol. Here is a beautiful landscape, not mine, XD, I just KidzSearched "Cool landscapes" this is from a professional photographer. So these days, I'm really just PopJamming (check out the PopJam app, follow KidzSearch there too) and reading a bunch of Harry Potter.

lunamoonlight KEWL

JD2005 :)

I am 100% sure this will make your eyes water...

hilolo i dint shed a tear

EloquentRacer92 Nope My Eyes did not water

ammyk That’s just sad. But I have no emotions, so my eyes didn’t water.

tacoboi *** they text fast

lunamoonlight @tacoboi that's because they are rehearsed stories, plus video editing.

Pumpkin it's not sad, it's just creepy

tacoboi i dunno why there are ***

tacoboi thats just harsh not sad

lunamoonlight @tacoboi the *** means you swore or there is just a prohibited word there.