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To go along with the Pi Day stuff, my teacher gave us an assignment to do and I wrote a poem.

JD2005 Awesome!

Hey everyone! How was your day? Mine was.... exhausing for sure, but fun! I had my soccer tryouts and made the J.V team for my middle school! We then practiced and ran a lot. My legs are killing me! Hope you all had a good day! 😄

CSeriestechhero Cool!

cookie122105 nice

JD2005 Cool! Thanks!

KnightStar Cool! I didn't have tiring day yesterday! It was boring lol

GemHeart Thanks dev! Our day was fine. Had a plumber and a construction worker here tho.

Queeny Cool!

CSeriestechhero CLAPS

cookie122105 ha did i tell u made work in aparment and he does ACES plumber electric painting ext

I’m going to be setting up my profile more soon, btw

cookie122105 kkkkkkk

KnightStar Okay! (;

HorseGirl221 Cool!!

Queeny Kk!

JD2005 K!