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What are you guys going to be for halloween?

KnightStar I dunno, maybe a emo....

Queeny Probably a skeleton. Idk.

KnightStar Ya..

GemHeart Scary and annoying XD

KnightStar ...m more like wonderfully ugly..

FunHeart1010 im doing Halloween. Though if I was I would be a princess! XD SSIKE I would be a Rockstar zombie XD

KnightStar Lol imma just scroll thru Walmart and hope to find something my size

Hobbypony I am going to be a ailcorn half human half unicorn

KnightStar Wow! That's awesome!

Hi everybody,
I just need a few suggestions for a club I want to make. I want to do a music writing club, but not sure about the specifics. Any suggestions?

GemHeart Yeah, how about you make a group that has your fave music vids, maybe how-to vids on singing, tutorials, etc!

hungergamesgirl888 Omg drumming is so awesome. Y'all probably wouldn't expect a girl to drum but I DO!!!

GemHeart Cool!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to talk about this new club I made it is called the "Internet Contest". Basically every week I will have a new prompt every week or so and it will be like Find the cutest animal on the internet. And then we will vote on which one is the best, but there is no voting for yourself. Go over there right now, so you can find your first prompt!

100musicmaniac It is called Internet Contests! if you can't find it here is the link: https://net.kidzsearch.com/group/907194/

GemHeart Ok... I can’t go on the internet to look up things tho. I will try it out.

TwilightStarDust K!! sounds fun!!!

Kidznet, we should make something like the kidzgames. Kind of like the olympics, but for like who can find the cutest animal or best drawing, stuff like that. What do you think?

KidzSearch That is a great concept. Maybe you can start a KidzNet Club for it and we can help promote it for you on KidzSearch.

100musicmaniac ok, thanks!

What is your favorite type of ice cream? MMMMMMMMM I like Baskin Robins' Rainbow Sherbert

Octolongboi12 Choco

GemHeart Hm. Cookie dough? I know, so original XD

TylerTheDrummer I love cookie dough too! I also LOVE chocolate!

TwilightStarDust Umm Vinalla...😅 pretty simple I know.....

FunHeart1010 Cookies and cream!

neymar vannila yum

JeepGuy chocolate vs cookie dough/

JD2005 Vanilla :D


GemHeart I'm already in school.

Crystal Mee!!

TwilightStarDust NOT ME!

LouTheLuver Me!

OMG, it was soooooo hot yesterday and today is going to be also very hot!!!!!! Comment how hot it was in your area!

GemHeart Really, really, real hot...LOL!

TwilightStarDust It was about 80 degrees out side😅

WhizKid 117 degrees!

FunHeart1010 Mine right a few weeks ago was 105 degrees!

I'm gonna say something CRAZY!
So there was this channel called barbie, wait don't ignore this, and I started watching it because it was a commercial and after a few episodes, I was binging them. Instead of the other barbie, this is the barbie who is amazing! She share amazing videos and messages. I would really encorage you to watch it, especially the barbie vlogs. Now if you're "a little too old for it", this will convince you. There are 16 and 17 year olds in the comments saying that they want to watch because they help them. Here is the link to her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCadtap8RYMNy8w4K9lXhzpQ
and here is the first vlo

100musicmaniac I especially liked this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skiojZfjJzc

FunHeart1010 Cool!

Crystal I watch her too!!!

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

100musicmaniac I would change mine to Samantha!

TwilightStarDust Isabella or Esther

Crystal Zara or Sarah!

FunHeart1010 I wouldn't caus ei love my name

Crystal Same with funheart, but if I HAD to, it would be Zara or Sarah

I'm having a growing up problem. My mom has always warned me that one day at a party the boys will start chasing the girls. Last night, we had an end of the year party and at the end that happened. But I wasn't part of it. I'm not sure if I was happy or sad not to be part of it.......... Any advice?

GemHeart Ya, boys are gonna start “chasing” the girls...They’re “maturing”—“coming-of-age”, as lots of people like to call it. I feel rather uncomfortable about it. If you’re a boy, don’t advance on girls unless you are responsible... and girls, if boys don’t chase you, don’t worry. God has a plan and one day someone will realize how special you are..

TwilightStarDust A boy chased me once but I didn't know how to handle it so me and my brother almost got into a fight with them. DON'T FIGHT WITH THEM! But if they really do like you play hard to get. 😉 it always works!

100musicmaniac Thanks!

FunHeart1010 I really have no idea....