New Airport Screen “Parallel Reality” Shows Personal Flight Information To Multiple People At Once

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If you’ve ever experienced boarding a plane, you might’ve already known how it’s a struggle to figure out your gate number, boarding time, and other travel details by scanning all the different flights shown on the monitors at the airport.

Fortunately, on June 30, 2022, Delta Air Lines, Inc. launched an amazing technology that has the potential to provide a much more convenient way for travelers to access their flight information at airports.

Delta, is now using its PARALLEL REALITY™ technology that could simultaneously display personalized flight information to multiple people on a single public screen.

You might be wondering about the privacy and safety of each passenger? You might even be asking, “How is that possible?”

So here’s how it works.

Delta partnered with Misapplied Sciences, a VC-backed startup based in Southern California that offers remarkable innovation, to bring this futuristic technology. PARALLEL REALITY™, currently set only in Detroit’s airport, allows up to 100 travelers to view their personalized flight information (tailored just to them) at the same time in front of the information screen.

So even with dozens of other travelers standing next to them, passengers will only see theirs and not somebody else’s flight information. The personalized information includes updates to boarding time, flight information or updates, and even the directions and how long it will take to get to the gate.

All travelers must opt-in, scan their boarding pass, and choose their preferred language at a kiosk outside of security to utilize the screen. And as they walk past the screen, a non-biometric or motion sensor overhead will detect every person walking past the Parallel Reality information board display, which then directs the scanned flight information from the boarding pass to the public screen.

The motion camera also tracks the passenger’s location, as their identity and position are now linked in the system. They will then still see their personalized message as they move around within the viewing space. However, it’s important to note that Parallel Reality won’t work for passengers who didn’t scan their boarding passes.

The technology behind it comprises pixels that can project millions of controllable light rays of different brightness and colors. In addition, each light ray is directed to a specific person, allowing it to project in different directions. As a result, multiple people can view the screen, and each one will see a completely different color. 

In addition, passengers can also use Delta’s digital ID facial recognition system, which was launched last year to start using the screen. However, only Delta SkyMiles members with the Fly Delta app and a TSA Precheck membership can use this feature. Eligible passengers must have the “Enable Face ID” to check in for their flight with the Fly Delta app. They only need to look at the camera to present their “digital ID, ” navigating the airport more easily.

The PARALLEL REALITY experience will reduce passenger and airport employee’s stress, helping them have an easier and quicker boarding journey.

Right now, Detroit Metro Airport is the world’s first airport to use PARALLEL REALITY™ technology and is only available there. Misapplied Sciences aims to get its technology across all parts of the country and worldwide. They also want to see the PARALLEL REALITY experience in all public venues, such as retail stores, stadiums, theme parks, and more (not just airports).

What are your thoughts about this? How can you see it being used to improve our lives? Comment with your answers below!

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