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WARNING: Unpopular opinions, controversy, mildly offending things for the thin-skinned, and possibly triggering content. Have an unpopular opinion? Have something to say that might be seen as mildly offensive? Share it here. This is not a debate club, this is a place to share anything that may not be a widespread opinion. If this causes fighting back-to-back, both users will be kicked out temporarily. Rules: No threats No fighting No outright trying to start a fight No reporting just for being triggered (if you've read this and made a request, you know what you are getting yourself into. That said if someone makes a post that definitely goes against both these rules and KS rules, feel free to report) No breaking of unmentioned rules (basically, no trying to find loopholes) Inspiration/Cause: Once a user named Country "dared" to make a comment on the News Feed. He mentioned that while he had an LGBTQ friend, he himself did not believe that it was right. A few hours later a user reported him to the system moderators. Country requested his account be deleted. No proven correlation, but an assumed one.
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