Screenshot of Illia

Me!! I am trying our painting techniques for my art, I hope it looks fine.

Design #3

Alice in Wonderland style OC. For now her name is Lolita (not like the book/film lol). Within AiW, she is a gothic ballerina and singer who lives in a house resembling a ballerina lullaby box. I guess that description could suffice as an original character too lol. She’s definitely mad in her own way. She is obsessed with graceful movements and it makes her look like some sort of bouncy wind up doll sometimes. In fact, she’s part mannequin-ic doll biotic because she has very marionette style arms, hands, feet, and legs.

Gemmy digital sketch #2, blonde hair and *goat* face.

Lilah, MC of a fantasy I am working on.

My Little Pony OC Emmy, an earth pony with a rather sarcastic but gentle nature. According to Knight, Queeny, and Luna headcanon, she’s the cousin of Pinkie Pie.

Gift for JD2005, Alan Walker fanart.

Digital sketch for Queeny

Gemmy digital tryouts #1, green eye,

Knight & her celebrity husbando [name redacted lol] :3

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