Hi guys! How are you all? Yay 😁 next week we have midterm break! Thursday and Friday no work. Are youz having that?

What's the hardest recipe you've ever baked?

the banner is looking delicious....lol


ummmmm 🤥

💜 💜 💜

And one more for now. This is just a landscape picture I painted. I looked at a tutorial on YouTube to do it. Let me know what youz think of it pls

I also did this not too long ago. Sorry that it’s sideways that’s just how I took the photo

I made this painting a while ago, because there is a wooden model of a caravan in my house so I decided to copy it. I hope you like it and tell me what y’all think of it pls
Ps I know it’s not great paper I used for it but I still love it. Wbu?

Even though we are stuck home, we have more time to bake and draw!!

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Hi everyone, This is a group for baking recipes and cooking ones. Pls share what u like to bake and etc....
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