This week is Georgia O'Keeffe!

What do people use most in their drawings?
- markers
- colored pencils
- paints
- pens
- mixed media (ie: collage)

I think i use a combo of both mixed media and colored pencils. What bout you?

I’m trying to find my style. I think I’m going an anime-infused realism way.

The Labrador Retriever I made! Sorry It is dark!

The German Shepherd I made!

The hawk I made!

Hey gang!
Question: What is your number 1 fav thing you like to draw?
My answer: Dog faces!
I will send some pics of dogs i drew later!

Once every two weeks, I will post a link to a famous artist. Enjoy!

Here is Pablo Picasso:

my spectacular and super cheesy work of art!

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