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This gives me hope. We shall overcome!

Coronavirus social distance excuses in the US:
1: If you want to visit a close family member then you can only visit for a while

2: Groceries is an important thing but health experts say that we should only do it once a week unless there is an emergency and if you have coronavirus or you feel sick then DO NOT go. Ask a family member to buy food and important things for you
3: If you feel bad then go to the pharmacy. Make sure you wear a mask because maybe you have a case, that might be a reason you need to go to the pharmacy
3: I know there probably aren’t many workers here but for adults who work as truck workers, doctors, grocery workers, teachers etc. then they are helping the world
4.Walking is good for your health so take a small walk if toy want to!
5.If you got in a car accident or BIG emergency then you have to contact someone and visit them
6.You can drive thru at places anytime
7.Pickups at stores are allowed but it’s better to wear gloves and masks
8. If there is an emergency an a safe area cross country or out of country then be careful but don’t go in dangerous areas
9.Any outdoor places like the park that don’t have equipment is okay but again, it’s better to wear masks
10: When you want to visit a friend ask them if they have been in contact with anyone but only do this with a close friend, one friend, and do it once also visit only for a while. Same if you want to invite someone to your own house.
11(bonus). If you are VERY VERY careful and have a lot of money then making contact with others to buy a house,car, or another property is dangerous but do it if you have a big excuse. So it’s not good but it can happen with a excuse.


Feel free to contribute to the #StopCoronavirus group! Shout out to JD2005 for their contributions!!

Maintain social distancing, #StopCoronavirus.

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