Really cool stuff Queeny!
I wanna know how you do the "painting" part.

5. And here's my finished result!

4. Lastly, I made a new layer above all of the other layers (not clipped). I added some flyaways on the ends of the hair to give it some texture.

3. In the same layer, add some highlights (again, I used the oil paint brush.)

2. Make another clipped layer above your hair color base. I added some shadows using the "oil paint" brush in medibang.

Hair tutorial for @FunHeart1010! I tried naming my layers this time so things are a little less confusing.

1. Make your base color layer for your hair. I made another layer above it, selected clipping, and used the gradient tool (that's optional though).

@Queeny Hair tutorial?

5. And your done! :D

4. Make another layer underneath your previous layer. Pick a lighter color and use the gradient tool. Then, select multiply as your blending mode again

3. Lower the opacity of your layer.

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