Now, onto the finished drawing! Here, I edited the vibrance and also blurred the edges of the drawing, so that your attention gets directed to the main focus of the painting (the eyes/face). I hope you guys found this at least slightly helpful! ;D

(also note: i know the fingers are way too long and there's only three- I realized that halfway through drawing and it was too late to fix so let's just pretend nothing's wrong hahaha-)

Finally done with all the coloring, I work on the after effects. For the "glowing lines" effect I used here, you have to duplicate your line art layer, then select "protect alpha." (Or, if your using a different program, you can just clip a layer above your duplicated line art layer). Then, color all of the duplicated line art a dark red or orange. Set the duplicated line art to multiply. Use the blur tool to blur the duplicated line art.

Lastly for the hair, I made another clipped layer and set it to overlay. Again, using the same yellow and purple color I used in my multiply layer, I airbrushed from top to bottom. I also added stars to the top of the head.

Next I made a layer below my multiply layer and clipped it again. Then, using the watercolor brush, I painted on the highlights of the hair using pink, blue, and yellow colors.

Onto the hair! I made a new clipped layer above my hair color base and set it to multiply. I basically did the same thing with the skin- take my purple color and airbrush it on top, then take my yellow color and brush it on the bottom.

Last thing I did before I finished the skin was create a new clipped layer above my multiply layer, and set it to overlay. Then, with th same colors I used on the multiply layer (the purple and yellow), I airbrushed from top to bottom again. This makes it a lot more colorful and vibrant!

Next, after about half an hour, I finished the other eye :'
The eyes were a bit complicated so I wasn't able to show how I did them, but tell me if you guys want an updated eye tutorial!

Then, I added highlights + color to the middle of the lips. I also added extra accessories to the face and airbrushed a little blush on.

Next I airbrush a little more around the edges and give the lips some color. I made added some shadows beneath the hair and too. I used the watercolor brush for them.

Focusing on the skin, I clip a layer above my skin base color layer and set it to multiply. Starting at the top, I airbrush my darkest gradient (a purple-ish color), to my lightest (a yellow color). You can see here I already started on the eyes, I put my base colors for the eyes then got caught up painting one, which was a really bad idea lol.

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