Art Tip
When something in a drawing is difficult to draw for some reason-
Change it. For example, if limbs are making themselves difficult, and in the drawing, it would look unnatural or change the meaning to have the limb hidden (like an arm behind the person's back), as long as you know the basic proportions, just draw clothes around it. Or, do the opposite, make it a skeleton/zombie, whatever works. For nature, you can draw something to cover what you are having issues with, put some grass or flowers or trees to cover over it or try changing the plant or whatever to a different type of plant. And if it's animals, you can draw something from their habitat to block that part. Seaweed in front of a fishtail, a tree branch in front of a deer torso, part of a fence, or some tall grass in front of some sheeps' legs. Things like that. Use your imagination.

Yay I here now.

Now, onto the finished drawing! Here, I edited the vibrance and also blurred the edges of the drawing, so that your attention gets directed to the main focus of the painting (the eyes/face). I hope you guys found this at least slightly helpful! ;D

(also note: i know the fingers are way too long and there's only three- I realized that halfway through drawing and it was too late to fix so let's just pretend nothing's wrong hahaha-)

Finally done with all the coloring, I work on the after effects. For the "glowing lines" effect I used here, you have to duplicate your line art layer, then select "protect alpha." (Or, if your using a different program, you can just clip a layer above your duplicated line art layer). Then, color all of the duplicated line art a dark red or orange. Set the duplicated line art to multiply. Use the blur tool to blur the duplicated line art.

Lastly for the hair, I made another clipped layer and set it to overlay. Again, using the same yellow and purple color I used in my multiply layer, I airbrushed from top to bottom. I also added stars to the top of the head.

Next I made a layer below my multiply layer and clipped it again. Then, using the watercolor brush, I painted on the highlights of the hair using pink, blue, and yellow colors.

Onto the hair! I made a new clipped layer above my hair color base and set it to multiply. I basically did the same thing with the skin- take my purple color and airbrush it on top, then take my yellow color and brush it on the bottom.

Last thing I did before I finished the skin was create a new clipped layer above my multiply layer, and set it to overlay. Then, with th same colors I used on the multiply layer (the purple and yellow), I airbrushed from top to bottom again. This makes it a lot more colorful and vibrant!

Next, after about half an hour, I finished the other eye :'
The eyes were a bit complicated so I wasn't able to show how I did them, but tell me if you guys want an updated eye tutorial!

Then, I added highlights + color to the middle of the lips. I also added extra accessories to the face and airbrushed a little blush on.

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