For all whom think that being gay is a choice-

Yes, because we gays want to deal with the anxiety of wondering if those close will accept us, because we love it when homophobics say we should go to Hades (censor in a way), when they say we will never be loved, we are wrong, we are less than human. Who wouldn't want that? Right? Sound fun? Because we don't already have feelings like that, why not have a bunch of small-minded idiots tell us we will never belong anywhere but heck? Staying in the closet is *so* much fun, fearing that someone will find you out if you give even the slightest hint of your sexuality. And coming out of that closet- whoo, that's even funner. Terrified that they will think of you differently or not accept you. Yeah, we don't need a pride month, we have only been hiding for a long time. Before the stonewall riots, being homosexual was considered a mental illness! So yes, gays choose to be gay, because it's *so* much fun, right?

I do not think COVID-19 is as big a deal as people make it out to be. For starters, it is not new, it has been around for quite a while. Second, yes, it is affecting so many people, though most are in China, and that's because China is the most populated country, there are billions of people living there, and most have crap for living conditions and medical care. Third, it is not called the coronavirus, it is COVID-19. "Coronavirus" is a bunch of viruses, ranging from the common cold to influenza, to COVID-19. So COVID-19 is literally a variation of the common cold. Now, I'm not saying diseases in the coronavirus spectrum can't be deadly, but the flu, for example, is much more deadly than COVID-19. The reason people care so much about COVID-19 is because of the fear of the unknown. We know what influenza is, COVID-19 not so much.

So I am somebody who likes to learn, I like knowing things about everything, and so I am used to in school, reading or hearing the teacher say something, processing it, understanding it, and acing it. That's how I learn and how I remember things. The more struggles I make the more I make mistakes, revise them, and remember next time. I use mnemonics when I have trouble remembering. But my school is idiotic, especially my Social Studies class. Yesterday, I started talking to my SS teacher about my assignments and said we should not be able to use are books on all assignments and tests because we don't learn anything. I don't know any of the previous things we have been learning. He tried saying "Well then, don't use the book and answer the questions on your own"... I CAN'T BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING AND YOU ARE A WORTHLESS TEACHER. So I said that I don't know what we have been learning in order to do that. Then he said that that is why you read the book and figure it out. After maybe a minute of this, he didn't understand what I was trying to say, so he brought me to my advanced learning ELP teacher and tried using him to translate. He couldn't understand a 12-year-old saying that the book in an answer sheet that he lets people use on everything, so he brought me to a smarter teacher to translate it. Wow. Then my ELP teacher agreed with my SS teacher. They tried to say that using the book is a skill that I need to learn. I know how to flipping read. They brought up the situation, that if you went to the doctor, and he didn't know something, would it be better to go look at the medical book, or take a shot in the dark? Neither, doctors go to SCHOOL to be doctors where they have to LEARN and MEMORIZE things before they can do anything.

So, for an assignment in English, I have to only use "keywords" in Google searches. That's stupid. Why not just type in the actual question and get an accurate answer? I always type in the full question. For example, we will use a joke search I did once, "Do vampires get drunk". I would type in just that, "Do vampires get drunk" not "Vampires drunk". You aren't gonna get any correct answers with that!

I do not judge people a lot, but one thing can easily set me off. That would be when they discriminate against people, anyone at all. If you read my diary, you remember the bus dude. I hate him, no, i loathe him. There are a lot of people i hate, admittingly, but for me to loathe someone, there is not a lot of people who makes me that mad. That dude was a homophobic, narcotic little *long beep*. That one thing alone was messed up, but he does it to people all the time. But that aside, i lash out at anyone who dares discriminate another person. May the reason be race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender idenitity, physical and mental disability, religion, whatever, I don't care, we are all human. Some people just don't get that.

So this is not an important rant but here.

So somepeople say that all the videos from people like Share My Story, My Story Animated, ACTUALLY HAPPENED and more are fake. I think about half are fake and people wanting attention. Others i can see actually happening (no pun intended). Then there are ones where i can see huge misunderstandings. I always find a person to hate though when i watch those videos. Sometimes it is the person who is the bad guy in the video, those are the ones i see as real, or the person telling he story because it is fake and they are an attention- well, cant say that here, bt you know what i mean. Or i hate both for creating drama, the misunderstanding dilemma.


So basically, my dad kinda has this "fued" with my aunt, my grandma and grandpa. And our buisness is also going bankrupt. Anyway, now I can't see my grandma and grandpa. Which sucks cuz I was rlly close with them. Just cuz he has problems with my grandpa and grandma, doesn't mean we should be prevented from seeing them. I am super frustrated with this problem.

The US education system is dumber than the students and does not work. Basically, and I know for a lot of you this has happened, a student will study for a test, and once it is done, and you get your grade, your forget everything. 2 years ago we memorized state locations. Until they made us re-test on that this year, i remembered maybe 14/50? Plus for math, common core bull crap, we are learning how to simplify an equation with variables. No one in the class, included advanced students (such as myself *finally have somewhat of a confidence for an ego*) knows how to do that anymore and it was literally the last thing we learned before solving the problem. Also, slightly unrelated, but why do people learn to estimate? JUST SOLVE THE PROBLEM! Anyway, I am in 7th grade now and have had to several essays, both in normal and online school. I never did any of them. I never got one turned in. I know the format, but where am I supposed to get the information from and how do I make sure it is correct? And how do I compare and contrast two things that are completely unrelated? And how to I keep it from sounding like my usual monotonous self? Oh, i am supposed to have an opinion? Never had that before. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my schoolwork. It must be the correct answer, no less is acceptable. If I get something wrong on a test I am genuinely shocked. It must be perfectly correct, and it normally is, by when I went to k12 it hit me with a curveball. It allowed me to have an opinion and forced me to. No teacher help once any time in the year. I have strong opinions ON CERTAIN THINGS. For example, bullying, discrimination, tide-pod-level idiots, equality, ect. I DONT CARE ABOUT TWO CAT POEMS OR WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A GOOD KID. I can't write when I don't have an opinion, what am I SUPPOSED to say? I only have a strong opinion if it is something I can relate to, like bullying, discrimination, and I know a guy who sucked ink out of pen into his mouth, twice. Also, I have teachers who make everything open-book. To all future teachers, don't do that. Yes, the students like it because they literally copy the book into the worksheet. Make them think for themselves, study, and know the answer, not the book. One time, my teacher for SS did not make it open book. It was a written test, the states, territories, and provinces quiz. I studied, hard, for that test, I used different methods, like mnemonics to remember them all. I aced that test with 63/63 because I buckled down and put some effort in. No one else does that in my grade or quite possibly, school. Everyone knows how to remember it for a short period of time, then they forget it. I try to remember what I need to, I use things like mnemonics and I am pretty sure my class does not know what that is. I get behind on stuff because I try to get it right, everyone else does not. My school is crap. The other schools I have gone to are crap. 3 schools, I never learned anything from them. My mom taught me different methods and I used them. Even when I studied for that SS test, my family helped. School has taught me nothing but a load of bull.

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