So i have come across a few animes that i find very underrated and barely anyone knows them. Mainly BloodLad, Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun, Charlotte, and Love Stage. All of which i absolutely loved to watch, however they are not as popular as one like SAO, BNHA/MHA, and more, considering if you have even heard of anime you know what those stand for. A lot of them also only have one season currently if that. So, im going to give a summery of each, and if it sounds interesting to you, i implore you to watch.

BloodLad- Alright, so you have Staz, the main character who is a vampire and rules over his territory in the demon world. He is also a hardcore otaku and obsessed with humans and their creations (like video games, manga, anime, you get the gist). So one day there is a human girl who stumbles into the demon world into Staz's territory. And out of all things, in the first episode she is eaten by a plant and dies. However, she becomes a ghost and Staz promises to help her and revive her basically. Definitely and interesting anime though.
Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun- The main character here is Yashiro Nene, and in the beggining she has a crush on a boy from her school, so she goes to a wish-granting spirit that resides, for some odd reason, in the old school building's bathroom. That apparition (ghost basically) would be Hanako, one of the Seven Wonders (seven apparitions) of the school. Like any other protaginist, she does the one thing he warned her not to do and Hanako has to save her and she becomes his assistant. I 100% love this anime. It is really cute and colorful and just a bit of darkness here and there.
Charlotte- Oof, where to start. So you have the main character, Yuu, and he has the ability to possess people for 5 seconds at a time. He usually uses the ability for things like cheating or payback and other things he probably shouldnt do. Then a girl named Nao, who is part of another school sees him and makes him join her school which is for people like him who have special abilities or are likely to have one. The reason the school is there is so that they dont get caught and expirmented on. Yuu joins the student council with Nao and Jojiro to help find other kids with abilities and either bring them to school or threaten them if they use their powers again. This anime is a really good one, the art is fantastic and the plot is absolutely amazing (I LOVE THE WRITER). Fair warning, it does get sad however it leads to some very good character development.
Love Stage- BL. I am not gonna be good at explaining this, so here is the official desc- Izumi was born in a family of celebrities. His father is a singer, his mother an artist, his older brother the lead vocalist for the popular band Crashers. Izumi himself, however, is just a nerdy college student. He loves the manga "Magical Girl Lala Lulu" and dreams of becoming a manga writer himself. One day he is roped into filming a commercial where he wears a dress. Another actor on the set, Ryoma Ichijo, mistakes him for a woman and falls in love at first sight. As it turns out, though, they met ten years in the past. And Ryoma feelings don't change when he finds out Izumi is a boy. (End of desc). This show is pretty good and is one of the few BLs on Hulu. It does have quite a bit of fanservice which i dont particularly like, however the plot otherwise is cute. Very good art, and i will have to search the artist for their other works.

Welp, basically talking about one of the saddest parts of Charlotte. Spoiler warning.

So the main character is Yuu, and his little sister is Ayumi. Yuu is in highschool, Ayumi is in either elemetary or MS. Their parents arent in the image. This next part is important later, but Ayumi always makes this one dish for Yuu, and then smothers is with a pizza sauce which is horrible but Yuu never says anything. Ayumi and another kid from her class start getting feelings and have the beginnings of a cute little ship. At the same time, Yuu figures out Ayumi is probably gonna have an ability of some sort. Then some girl in Ayumi's class, a yandere girl, brought a box cutter to their school and chases Ayumi with it for being with the girl's crush. Yuu at this point finds out Ayumi snuck out of the house to got to school, and figures out that Ayumi is going to have an extremely dangerous ability and goes to get her. Well, the yandere girl cornered Ayumi, then Ayumi screams and activates her ability. The building collapses where they are riht before Yuu and his friends get there. So Yuu watched the building crumble, and runs to see if Ayumi is okay. Ayumi died in the collapse right in front of Yuu. I think everyone else got out okay but Ayumi dies brutally. Imagine that for a minute. Yuu just lost his only immediate family left (that he knew of), and he had to watch it happen. After that, Yuu doesnt leave his house for a long time. He ends up eating nohing but instant ramen, staying on his couch in a blanket watching TV. His friends visit him but it doesn't work. Eventually, he leaves. He ends up running away to another city. He usually dresses in a hoodie, usual emo clothes pretty much. He usually eats some free sample food he finds. He ends up blowing a lot of his money on a video game in an arcade, one of those first person shooter games. Slowly and steadily he starts to lose it. He ended up getting in a couple of street fights, made one guy lose an eye. He starts going down a very, very dark path where he once tried to cut himself. Right before he made he first cut, Nao who is one of Yuu's friends and Nao also has the power of invisability to one person at a time, kicks the knife out of his hand. Nao also revealed that she was following him the whole time while being invisable to him. They end up making a deal, if Yuu comes over to Nao's for dinner, he would only have to eat one bite, and if he still wanted to, he could leave and Nao would leave him alone. So Yuu came over. The meal was the same dish Ayumi made for him all the time, same taste and horrible pizza sauce. Nao had gotten the recsipe from Yuu and Ayumi's grandparent i think. Yuu ended up eating the whole plate and crying, then Nao and their other friends help Yuu get his stuff together and reclaim his sanity. That took about 2 episodes entirely. Those 2 epsiodes were so, strong. The emotion coming from them was so strong and you could feel it. When Yuu watched what happened to Ayumi, i could feel something like as if i was just punched in the stomach like Yuu would have. I could relate when he almost cut himself. And when he was eating the dish, the emotion was strong in that scene too.

So this is going to be my opinion on BLM, or Black Lives Matter. If you do not want to hear, do not continue reading, if you are actually interested in my opinion, read on and remember this is all my own thoughts and i really dont care if you have differnet views.

So today in a conversation, my friend asked me what i thought of BLM, if i was for it or against it. I am really not either. My parents, who rarely agree on stuff like that, both are against it and call it a hate group, which tbh, when it gets to the point of stealing and rioting for absolutely no reason, it is. I mean seriously, what good will come of rioting? If you wanna do a peaceful protest, sure go ahead. But stealing from stores, vandalism, ect, really isnt going to help your case. Two of the most influencial people i can think of off the top of my head, MLKJR and Gandhi, they both did amazing things non-violentally. I honestly don't care what race someone is, i will judge them the same as i do all people. If you really want my full opinion on that, look up WHITEBOY by Tom MacDonald. And truth be told, all races have some sort of predjudice towards them, blacks, asians, whites, hispanics, ect. But how racist would someone seem if they said there should be a White History Month? People would call hem racist but there is the exact same thing for another race. Honestly, if people are gonna be equal doesnt that kinda tip the scale? Not that people will ever truly be equal, humans are far to stubborn for that to ever happen, you would have to kill 99% of the population. In a way though, we are equal, everyone has prejudice against them. So yeah. Thats what my opinion is. I honestly think all of this is bull crap. But another thing before i go back to the main feed. With the George Floyd thing, it is bad what happened, and it shouldnt have, but im sure the same thing has happened before off-media with other races. Im sure it has happened with a black cop and black criminal too, or a white criminal, but that stuff doesnt get caught on media because it doesnt serve something like BLM. Its a dumb world we live in. Now, feel free to use the comments, point out your opinion, i will read it, but be respectful as i would be to your opinion.

For all whom think that being gay is a choice-

Yes, because we gays want to deal with the anxiety of wondering if those close will accept us, because we love it when homophobics say we should go to Hades (censor in a way), when they say we will never be loved, we are wrong, we are less than human. Who wouldn't want that? Right? Sound fun? Because we don't already have feelings like that, why not have a bunch of small-minded idiots tell us we will never belong anywhere but heck? Staying in the closet is *so* much fun, fearing that someone will find you out if you give even the slightest hint of your sexuality. And coming out of that closet- whoo, that's even funner. Terrified that they will think of you differently or not accept you. Yeah, we don't need a pride month, we have only been hiding for a long time. Before the stonewall riots, being homosexual was considered a mental illness! So yes, gays choose to be gay, because it's *so* much fun, right?

I do not think COVID-19 is as big a deal as people make it out to be. For starters, it is not new, it has been around for quite a while. Second, yes, it is affecting so many people, though most are in China, and that's because China is the most populated country, there are billions of people living there, and most have crap for living conditions and medical care. Third, it is not called the coronavirus, it is COVID-19. "Coronavirus" is a bunch of viruses, ranging from the common cold to influenza, to COVID-19. So COVID-19 is literally a variation of the common cold. Now, I'm not saying diseases in the coronavirus spectrum can't be deadly, but the flu, for example, is much more deadly than COVID-19. The reason people care so much about COVID-19 is because of the fear of the unknown. We know what influenza is, COVID-19 not so much.

So I am somebody who likes to learn, I like knowing things about everything, and so I am used to in school, reading or hearing the teacher say something, processing it, understanding it, and acing it. That's how I learn and how I remember things. The more struggles I make the more I make mistakes, revise them, and remember next time. I use mnemonics when I have trouble remembering. But my school is idiotic, especially my Social Studies class. Yesterday, I started talking to my SS teacher about my assignments and said we should not be able to use are books on all assignments and tests because we don't learn anything. I don't know any of the previous things we have been learning. He tried saying "Well then, don't use the book and answer the questions on your own"... I CAN'T BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING AND YOU ARE A WORTHLESS TEACHER. So I said that I don't know what we have been learning in order to do that. Then he said that that is why you read the book and figure it out. After maybe a minute of this, he didn't understand what I was trying to say, so he brought me to my advanced learning ELP teacher and tried using him to translate. He couldn't understand a 12-year-old saying that the book in an answer sheet that he lets people use on everything, so he brought me to a smarter teacher to translate it. Wow. Then my ELP teacher agreed with my SS teacher. They tried to say that using the book is a skill that I need to learn. I know how to flipping read. They brought up the situation, that if you went to the doctor, and he didn't know something, would it be better to go look at the medical book, or take a shot in the dark? Neither, doctors go to SCHOOL to be doctors where they have to LEARN and MEMORIZE things before they can do anything.

So, for an assignment in English, I have to only use "keywords" in Google searches. That's stupid. Why not just type in the actual question and get an accurate answer? I always type in the full question. For example, we will use a joke search I did once, "Do vampires get drunk". I would type in just that, "Do vampires get drunk" not "Vampires drunk". You aren't gonna get any correct answers with that!

I do not judge people a lot, but one thing can easily set me off. That would be when they discriminate against people, anyone at all. If you read my diary, you remember the bus dude. I hate him, no, i loathe him. There are a lot of people i hate, admittingly, but for me to loathe someone, there is not a lot of people who makes me that mad. That dude was a homophobic, narcotic little *long beep*. That one thing alone was messed up, but he does it to people all the time. But that aside, i lash out at anyone who dares discriminate another person. May the reason be race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender idenitity, physical and mental disability, religion, whatever, I don't care, we are all human. Some people just don't get that.

So this is not an important rant but here.

So somepeople say that all the videos from people like Share My Story, My Story Animated, ACTUALLY HAPPENED and more are fake. I think about half are fake and people wanting attention. Others i can see actually happening (no pun intended). Then there are ones where i can see huge misunderstandings. I always find a person to hate though when i watch those videos. Sometimes it is the person who is the bad guy in the video, those are the ones i see as real, or the person telling he story because it is fake and they are an attention- well, cant say that here, bt you know what i mean. Or i hate both for creating drama, the misunderstanding dilemma.


So basically, my dad kinda has this "fued" with my aunt, my grandma and grandpa. And our buisness is also going bankrupt. Anyway, now I can't see my grandma and grandpa. Which sucks cuz I was rlly close with them. Just cuz he has problems with my grandpa and grandma, doesn't mean we should be prevented from seeing them. I am super frustrated with this problem.

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