BTW, I have decided to make a quiz contest! The winner gets a quiz made by me about whatever they want & a mystery prize.
1. Use
2. Post it on this group or send it to me
3. Make it clean & appropriate for people of all ages
4. Try to be as original as possible
5. Can be a trivia quiz or personality quiz
6. Contest ends March 19.

Also, If u want to be part of the judging panel, message me & join the group.

I'll be posting another history trivia quiz pretty soon (hopefully) so keep an eye peeled!

I FINALLY got around to making another quiz! how do you think I can improve it?

Hey guys! I hope you're enjoying my quizzes! Be sure to check back in on this group regularly, or Private message me the code
(copy and paste if you need) for updates. Have a great day!

What quiz should I make next?

How much do you like this group?

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