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Chapter 9
Ilia’s POV

I looked at Felix. “So, what did you say the woman looked like again?” He nodded and recited from memory, “She had medium-length black hair with hints of grey towards the top. She had purple eyeshadow, grey eyes, dark lipstick, she was tall with an angled frame, and, I don’t think this really matters, but she was wearing a black shawl. She didn’t say her name, though. I’d be able to recognize her if I saw her.”

I smiled at Felix. “That helps a lot.” I watched as Vivi drew something on a piece of paper, according to Felix’s description of her. She showed it to Felix, and he nodded, verifying that this was what she looked like. Vivi took a picture of the drawing and saved it.

“If anyone sees this woman,” I said, “Alert the others as fast as you can. We need to talk to her as a group.” We quickly exchanged phone numbers so we could do this easily.

I went back to the page with the stories of the children with accidental powers. “Okay,” Vivi said, reading over my shoulder. “We have to go to France now, to see a girl named Cecily.” I looked at the tab she was reading and continued, “From these reports it seems like she has some sort of hypnosis power.”

“Good to know.” John said impatiently. “And this is all part of your everyday life?” I hesitated. “Well…” Vivi came to my aid and answered for me. “We only met each other a few days ago. And Ilia only got her power the other day. So, to answer your question, no.”

John shrugged. “So. You said we’d split up, who's group am I in?” Vivi thought for a minute. “You and Ilia should go together, since your powers can help each other. And I’ll go with Felix because… well, in case of an emergency, he could heal my wounds, I guess.”

I nodded in agreement. “So, John and I will go find Cecily, while you and Felix will look for the woman? After all, Felix recognizes her, and she probably knows him.”

We all nodded, Felix kind of anxiously, and set off our separate ways.

Cecily was a younger girl than we had expected, about six or seven, standing at approximately four-foot-two. When we first caught sight of her, she was on a swing set, going back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. Her dog, a sheltie, was near the swing set, watching her swing as if in a trance. Suddenly, the sheltie stood up on its hind legs and went into the house.

I turned to glance at John with a confused look. He shrugged. I rolled my eyes and looked back at the sheltie who was coming out of the porch screen. It was carrying a bucket. The dog set the bucket down at Cecily’s feet and went back to its spot by the swing, watching it go back and forth, back and forth.

Cecily was swinging while holding the bucket. She reached a small hand in it and pulled out a tub of ice cream. “I should’ve known.” I whispered to John.

We stood on the street, watching as the little girl ate her ice cream. After she had eaten too much for her own good, we walked up to her. “Hi!” I said, trying to sound cheerful. “Hello.” she said in a high pitched voice with a French accent. “Are you like me?”

I looked at her, puzzled. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Are you special? Can you make peculiar things occur?” John nodded sadly.

“But you know what?” I asked. “We need our powers- yes, you’re magic- to do important things.” “But why?” asked the little girl. “I don’t know.” I responded. “But what I do know is that we need to go somewhere, and fast. We have our powers for a reason. I don’t know what it is, or why it’s us, or where we’re going, but what i do know is that we need you to help us. We can’t do it all alone.”

After ten minutes of explaining, John and I walked off with a new recruit, one which was most unexpected.


Vivi's POV

I stood there, the wind whipping my sweater's collar around my neck. Ilia's eyes were brightened by the raging fire as she grabbed the boy's arms and I lifted them into the air. I was leaping across the sky, it seemed, the night sky. Ilia only had to touch the boy, and the power flowing from my arm to her hand lifted them gently into the blackness.
The fire was soon gone, lost in the smoke that followed it.
We landed about a mile away. It shocked me how far we had traveled: I was just moving as quick as I could, to get away.
As John hit the ground, the grass around his feet burst into flame. It didn't hurt him, but his face was lit up by the fire and his scared expression was illuminated. "Who are you?!" he hissed at us.
The tree beside us had a stream running through it's roots. Its leaves cast a deep shadow over us all, and the moonlight shone bright over the exposed grass. Ilia glanced at me, and after a moment, said, "We're like you, John."
John shook his head. "No one's like me. I'm a freak."
"We're freaks together," I insisted.
"You're a water girl," he stuttered, "and you're a wind girl?"
Ilia smiled sadly at me and answered, "Yes, I am. But that's not all she is."
He appeared confused.
"You have to trust us," I hissed at him.
John slid a hand over his messy black hair, biting his lip. He tugged at his shirt, which had a Nike logo on it. "You're just a pair of little middle schoolers playing pretend," he said to us, looking down at his Adidas.
"What?" I said angrily.
"You saw us!" Vivi shouted. "We're like you!"
John's eyes were reflecting an inner fire now. He smiled and said, "You're not. How many people have you killed with your power? Everywhere I go, something catches on fire. If I enter a house, it always burns down."
"How many have you killed?' I snapped at him. "Oh, well. You burn 'em alive. But at least docs can save some of them. Once I'm done with them, there's nothing left to even use to identify them!" I screamed.
He glanced at me. I bit my lip.
"Watch," I said smoothly. I walked over to the tree, and took a deep breath. I gently placed my hand over it, and immediately, it began to shrink and get more and more pale: until finally, it toppled over into the stream in front of it with a dry CRACK.
"And it just doesn't kill the local flora," I said.
He stared at me. "You're a monster."
"So now I'm the monster?!" I raised my voice.
Ilia grabbed my arm. "John," she said softly. "Please. Come with us. We can't be hurt by your powers. I think it's because we're the same."
"Same what?" he asked.
"Like... the same alien." she said. "We're not like humans, we're alienated from them. We look human, act like them- but we can do things they can't, John. And I know you can do more than just start fires." Then she smiled. "And you know what? I can offset your power. Something catches fire? Let's pour some water on it!"
John began to smile a little more. "Okay..." he said. Then he glanced back to his city, his hometown. The lights of New York blinked on and on. "When can we leave?"
I smiled at him, and showed him my phone. On it, was another missing child report saying the child had strange powers. "Now," I said. "And we're heading to Europe."

We got there shortly, quicker than I had expected. I was tired when we reached the bay of Britain, but Ilia pulled up Google Maps and we managed to find the next kid. His name was Felix Ryson, a little on the short side, like me, but lean and smart.
We noticed him outside a hospital.
But, something odd was happening. He had a distraught face, as cots were wheeled out of the doors. Black body bags lay on them. They were... dead?
"Hey!" Ilia walked up to him, grabbing his small hand. He whipped away, his white-blond longish hair swaying with the harsh motion.
"Don't touch me." His voice trembled.
I walked over to him. "You accidently killed someone again, right?" I said.
He stared at me.
"I understand." I said. "We're like you."

Turns out, Felix could heal people.
For an odd reason, he had accepted us more readily, despite being strangers, compared to John. He immediately believed in our story, even before we gave him the proof of our powers. In fact, his was a paradox.
"I can heal people from almost any disease or injury," he said. "And animals, too. But when I do, they die. Sometimes the next day, maybe a year later. But they always die." he looked sadly at us. "It's happened so much now that I'm used to it. But, I cant get over it."
"I know." I said.
"Okay," said Ilia. "Did you heal the people in the hospital?"
"Yes," said Felix. "A woman told me that if I did, I wouldn't kill them this time."
"A woman?"
"Yes," said Felix again. "She visited a kid in the hospital. I was walking by one day, and I saw her do something with her hands. And the girl smiled at her, and from her own hands came a short of smoky apparition, like a ghost. The woman said if I joined her and went with her, I wouldn't hurt anyone again. I haven't seen her since."
I glanced at him, and rubbed my wound with my fingers. "Can you heal this?" I asked, uncertain. "We can't hurt each other with our powers. When I use my... my death power, Ilia is never affected. But maybe since your power is positive, you can use yours and not kill me."
"I'll try." he said. "I believe you, because the woman said I can't hurt my own kind. I think she meant you guys. People like me." He took my scraped palm, and placed his fingers around it. It began to knit itself back together, the pain searing and then fading.
"Whoa." Ilia and I said in unison. John remained quiet.
The boy smiled. "You think there's more like us?"
"We'll find out," Ilia said. "I'm sure of it. But we need to find this woman."

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Chapter 7

Ilia’s POV

“Woah!” I exclaimed as I watched Vivi be carried up by the wind. “Did you already know you could do that?” Vivi looked at me with an impish smile on her face. “Maybe, maybe not.” I rolled my eyes at her. “Humph. Probably been practicing every day, have you?”

Vivi smiled a sly grin. “Not fair. I got mine today!” I protested. “And it shows.” Vivi smirked. “Now c'mon, gotta get to New York before it’s too late!”

As the wind swept me up, obeying Vivi’s every command, I turned to contemplate her words. ‘Before it’s too late.’ What if it was too late? What if- whatever we had our powers for- was already done, and our side had lost? What if- I shook my head, trying to get rid of the pessimistic thoughts.

“You ok?” Vivi asked as she reclined in the air. “Yup” I responded, thinking Vivi was too young to be troubled by my worries. But then I changed my mind. We were a team, and whatever our problems were, we faced them together.

“Actually, no. I’m not. I’m worried. What if it IS too late? What if all hope is lost? We can’t just sit around, playing with our toys! This is real, it’s not a game!” Vivi’s grin disappeared. “I never said it was, ok?” She landed and started walking towards a bus stop.

“Where are you going?” I asked her. “Welcome to New York.” Vivi said, her grin coming back even brighter than before. I understood and started following her to the bus stop.

Sitting in the shade of the structure, I took out my phone and went to the page the names were on. “John Walker. This is his address,” I said, pointing to the screen. Vivi produced a map of the bus route. “So, if we get off at this station, we would only have to walk a block.” she said, tracing the route with her finger.

Just then, a bus puled up next to the station. “Got any money?” Vivi asked me. I counted the money in my pocket. “Just enough.” I responded. We hopped on the bus.

We came to the bus stop closest to John’s house. I stepped down and turned around, waiting for Vivi. She rolled her eyes and jumped off. As soon as her feet hit the ground, a fire truck zoomed past us, the sirens still ringing in our ears after it left. I checked my phone and, sure enough, we were heading the same way. I nodded at Vivi and she immediately understood.

We ran down the street, following the fire truck. There, in the street, was a boy of about 15, staring at a house that was rapidly burning down, stopping once in a while to inspect his hands. Viviane and I jogged up to him, and turned around as Vivi tapped his shoulder. He gave me a puzzled look.

I put my hand out, palm up, and quickly conjured up a ball of water, taking it from a nearby stream. Vivi did her thing with the autumn leaves again, and we both grabbed the boy by the arms and Vivi lifted us up with the wind. We both knew that, when we got away from the authorities, we would have a lot to explain.

Chapter 6

Vivi's POV
I stood on the ferry, leaning over the side and staring at the fish beneath us. The ticket man had talked to us in a rude and somewhat inappropriate tone, considering we were kids, but Ilia hurled a floating water thing at him. It had caught him, making him lose his balance and trip over the dock into the harbor. Scared, knowing he was drowning but still not having the courage to help, we leapt on the ferry.
Now we were on the back, away from everyone else. It was a school day, so not too many younger people were on. Just a few older women. One of them waved at us from the front and said,
"Are you two lost?"
We jumped, unsure how to respond. We were dangerous, but what if someone reported us to the police, and they found out about us and branded us as freaks? Not like we weren't. but that gave people who called themselves "researchers" a reason to study us, to take us apart limb from limb-
"No," said Ilia smoothly, disrupting my thoughts. She quickly spun together a lie. "We're gonna go see our uncle on the other side of the bay," she said. "We're okay."
I glanced thankfully at her, thinking the woman would stop, but she still said, "Well, I'm worried. Why don't you come to my house for the night, then we can get you to your uncle? It's not safe for two unarmed children to travel alone."
She started to move towards us.
We flinched, and I said, "Don't come over here."
"I'm just trying to help-"
"No!" I said, and Ilia, knowing what was about to happen, stepped backwards towards the water. We stared at the woman, and as she approached, I got more and more worried and frightened.
"Honey-" and she touched my sleeve, and in a moment, her smiling face was rising into the air like dust. The wind carried her ashes away, and it blew into the other people. As they turned, and started screaming, pointing at me, Ilia leapt onto the water. She gestured at me to follow.
"We have to get away!" she yelled.
I stomped as I flung myself off the ferry, and the engery spread over everyone. The closer they were, the more damage they got. The ones at the back crumbled like the schoolchildren had, leaving behind their bodies all sand-papery looking, while the ones who had reached me were dusty and gone.
I hit the water, but Ilia quickly caught me and begin mapping out a path for me to take as we ran, in sync, across the bay. The dust carried into the air behind us, traveling past the ferry and into the cities beyond.

We reached a place to stop. I turned to Ilia, who was panting. "Where can we go?" I asked the older girl, and she sat down, thinking. I was soaked from the calves down, since Ilia, like me, hadn't even come close to mastering these newfound powers, and kept on splashing me. I have no idea if it was on purpose or -accident-.
'Can you do anything else besides making people go dusty?" she asked once she had regained her breath.
"Autumn leaves." I said, and some came down from some tree and began circling me. "Ouch!" I said, one ripping a shallow wound into my skin. "Like knives," I said. "I guess not, Ilia. And I bet you can control more than just liquid water. What about rain, fog, ice?"
"And I bet you can probably control wind or something. Maybe you can reverse death too?"
My eyes sparkled. "Oh, if I could..."
"I bet you could," said Ilia. She smiled sadly. "Now, we're on the other side. We need to grab a train to New York."
"Who said anything about a train?" I asked. I was smiling, as the wind lifted me off my feet.

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Chapter Five

Ilia’s POV

I walked over to the water and sat down, putting my feet in the bay. “Now what do we do?” I asked.

“I… don’t know.” was Vivi’s response. “Aha! So there’s something the smarty pants doesn’t know, is there?” I teased. She pretended to be offended. “Stop bullying me.” she said. I looked at her, and couldn’t keep a straight face.

I sat there, wondering for a few minutes what to do, then stood up as an idea struck me. “We need to go to these places. We have special abilities for a reason. Maybe this is how we’re supposed to use them?” As I was speaking, Vivi was slowly nodding, which got faster as she started to stand up too.

“Yeah. So the first place we’ve got to go to is New York City.” Then I looked up and said, “How are we gonna get there? I can’t drive until I’m 16. I’ve still got three years to go…”

Vivi rolled her eyes. “Yeah, lets wait three years, see if you’re still alive then, see if monsters have taken over the world yet… Sorry, that’s NOT gonna work, hon. We could ferry, take a bus, stay here for three years so you can fail your driving test fifty million times…”

I glared at her, and she glared back. Then we both stopped, looked up at each other, and said in unison, “We shouldn’t fight.” I took out my phone, and looked up where the nearest ferry station was.

“Ferries are good,” I explained, “I’ll always have my weapon handy.” Vivi nodded in agreement, then walked over to the edge of the water. Plants decayed as she stepped on them. One think we had both realized was that I was immune to her power, and when I threw a stream of water at her, it split in the middle and went around. But anything playful still got her wet.

I motioned for her to follow me, then led the way to the ferry station.

Along the way, a few people turned brown as we walked past them. Vivi had a weird look in her eyes, as if she was afraid of herself. But the look disappeared as we went on.

At the station, the ticket man was a little… rude to us. I -accidentally- threw a water bubble at him and knocked him in the river. He… drowned. A little hesitant, we got ourselves tickets and hopped on the ferry.

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