I'm almost 100% sure that I have ADHD. Every ADHD test I've to take online has resulted in it saying that I most likely have very severe ADHD. Of course, asking an actual doctor would be better than an online quiz. The thing is whenever I try to talk to my mom about she'll say along the lines of "that's just an excuse for being lazy" or "that doesn't exist, that's just something doctors say to get you to give them money." I don't know what to do, I've told her that maybe I need meds for it and all she ever says is "you only say that because you're looking for an excuse to say that that's why you are how you are." And then she asks why I never do my homework on time, why I forget everything, why I never pay attention, why I space out so much? She doesn't even consider the possibility that this might be an actual thing that I have. This is why I never talk to her about something. All she ever does is get mad and question me about the things that I do, without considering WHY I might do those things. I don't know what to do anymore.

I've always hated asking for help for anything. It makes me feel stupid, like people will judge me for not knowing something. I think part of this stems from my parents, whenever I used to ask for help from them (mainly on school work) I'd always get annoyed responses with remarks like "why can't you do this? It's so simple. When I was your age I could solve this in minutes." or an aggravated "hurry it up. I don't have time to waste with you." I would never really learn anything from them in the end, I'd be too afraid to answer the questions in fear of being wrong and getting called dumb. My parent's would always compare me to other people too, whether it be my friends or my older siblings. So, due to this, I started to view asking for help as a bother, as in the past I'd always either 1. Never learn anything and just waste my time, or 2. Be humiliated for lacking knowledge on that subject and end up wasting another person's time. Neither outcomes were great to me. Lately my parents have been asking me why I don't ask them for help if I fail a test or get stuck on something, I really want to tell them the truth, but I know somehow the blame will only get pointed back at me, so I hold my tongue. I'd rather fail at something then have an hour of insults being hurled at me :' )

I wish I had clinical depression.

I have what is, to some people, the perfect life. I have a loving family, a home, food, and luxuries like TV and the internet. But, despite all this, I'm sad. I feel guilty for being sad, for crying. I feel guilty because I have no reason to. If I had depression, at least I would have a reason, an answer. I would have something to blame all these feelings on. People would take me more seriously too whenever I tell them my feelings. But, I don't. Nothing's wrong with me. I'm fine. So, why do I feel this way? Think these thoughts? I've never been seriously mistreated before. I live a very protected life. It feels wrong for me to think like this, when so many other people live in worse conditions than me. I wish I had an answer to all this. It would give me a little relief, knowing that this isn't just something I've made up.

I joined a Exercise club at my school and I'm the only girl so all the guys push me around. But they all know I finished a whole soccer season at a totally different school...We had a merge team and I was the only kid from my school to do the merge. IT MAKES ME SO MAD

My Best Friend just had back surgery... Her dad isnt the greatest dad in the world so when she vents out her problems to me she always says " I wish I could talk to my parents like I can talk to you"

I feel like i'm too emotionally weak. I cry over the littlest things, I spend too much time thinking about minor inconvinences. I always cause myself so much trouble because of this. I wish I was emotionally stronger, because I think the real world is going to cause more pain than necessary if I don't toughen up.

Been feeling a lot better lately! Hope you guys are doing well (:

Feeling super worried and stressed. Lately my feces has been red. Not the poop tho. Like (sorry this gross) when I wipe. I checked on Google what the means and 90% of the results said anal cancer. I dont wanna die. I am going to wait a week and see if its the same, or if its gone. 😢 😥

Do you ever just feel like....you're not enough? Like- you could do everything, everyone expects of you...and it still wouldn't be enough?

I had three exams today, and 3 break downs.

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