Here's another! BTW, this is my first ever digital artwork.

Thanks for entering your artwork. Feel free to add more if you'd like!

Here's another entry. #SaveFuel

@GemHeart, here's my first entry. Please don't mind, I don't have much time to draw new ones, so I'm using my old drawings. Hope this is okay. #NatureIsBeautiful

Thanks LLM! Thanks J for joining!

Here is anther entry

Here is another!

Here is a drawing that isn't just fr the contest but I will enter it as well.

Thanks LLM!
Everyone else, get your entry in soon!

Here is my second entry into GH's Contest. It is Luna Lovegood! I think it is really good. I tried really hard on the propertions and the clothes and everything. I hope I do good in the contest!

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