Thanks for reading, LLM!

Hope you enjoyed these few pages. I may cont. it, or not, depends on if I get started on my actual manga's one-shot!!!

E.1 sketch. Bonnie and GC/Kin.

Page 3!

Page 2!!!

Page 1!!!

3 pages done!!!
So, I think I'll do 15 pages or so. It will span a full day, starting in the morning, for this first episode. If I cont. it,, it will go for a week. Was gonna do a Bleach fan-manga as well but eh, I may do that in a few months.

Rating Information
I am rating it PG for:

Mild violence or peril.
Suggested dark material, but not subtly implied.
Girl-boy relationships, kissing and the like.

Like any cartoon, really.

HELLO and welcome!!! This is a FNAF fan-comic, starring my OC GC (i.e, Kinaineko in the comic).
I'm making it a funny little manga to help develop my manga telling ability and to also help cement my art style by the time I do my original series when I get older.

The setting is the FNAF 1 restaurant. Instead of animatronics, the kids are working there as employees. Kinaineko is our star, but really our heroine. It will be about her and the other employees (animatronics) and what they do on a regular week!

FNAF 1 (Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy, Chica)
FNAF 2 (T. F, T. B, T.C, Mangle, BB and JJ)
FNAF 3 (Springtrap)
FNAF SL (Occasionally)
G. Freddy, Spring Bonnie, etc.

(No Withereds or Nightmares so the cast isn't too big.)

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