One of my fave TBTs of GC.

TBT. Another of Furry GC!

Thanks for joinin JAY, KIT, LLM, & ALBI!

;3 I'll post GC related art here as well.
TBT. GC as a furry!

Thanks for reading, LLM!

Hope you enjoyed these few pages. I may cont. it, or not, depends on if I get started on my actual manga's one-shot!!!

E.1 sketch. Bonnie and GC/Kin.

Page 3!

Page 2!!!

Page 1!!!

3 pages done!!!
So, I think I'll do 15 pages or so. It will span a full day, starting in the morning, for this first episode. If I cont. it,, it will go for a week. Was gonna do a Bleach fan-manga as well but eh, I may do that in a few months.

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