What is the stupidest thing you have heard today?
Me - this.

Teachers 'forced special needs child to make a list of his faults.'

A 10-year-old boy with special needs who complained of bullying was forced by staff to listen to his other classmates listing the reasons they didn't like him - and he had to write them on a hand-drawn poster that was then stuck up on his classroom wall.
In a case that campaigners say highlights the need for specialist training resources, Damian Lightroller's son, who has traits for autism, ADHD, and oppositional defiant disorder and is on the special education needs register, was told by his peers he needed to "Stop shouting" , " Stop annoying us" and "Be happy, not sad" if he wanted to have better relationships with them. (Go to theguardian.com for the full article.)

This is the violence post. Today I was bored, so I decided to look in the news briefings on my tablet, then I saw this article. (Some might be cut out only to shorten the post, to see the real article, it is on usatoday.com)

"Three teenage girls have been arrested in Chicago for allegedly beating an unidentified 15-year-old girl with disabilities in an incident that went viral on social media.
"... two of the suspects have been charged with aggravated battery, a felony. One was charged with mob action.
"One of the teens was arrested by the police. The others turned themselves in with their families.
"The video shows the group of girls swarming and striking as onlookers laugh. The girl, who then falls to the ground, calls for help. The clip was published Monday night by an unidentified Twitter user claiming to be the victim's friend. She said the victim had a 'mental disability'.
"Police did not confirm the motivation behind these attacks.
"'Hate, bullying and bigotry are cancers of our society that break and divide us' Said Eddie Johnson, superintendent of police.
"... The victim was missing for five days before being reported missing by her family, Tuesday. Eventually she was found by a concerned individual and her father."

I hope you guys understand how important this is, there are millions of kids going through bullying like this and sometimes worse, and they, unlike this girl, are still going unnoticed. This is not school bullying, but it is still bullying nonetheless. Please help me find more ideas to help end bullying. And if anyone happens to see anyone being bullied, anywhere, anytime, don't just watch, do something about it, even if it is just a video, you can see how much that video helped this girl now.

Members of the Bullying Prevention. Anti-bully Planning group, i have accepted all requests to join, and if i could see more activity in the group the would be great.

I have gotten a lot of people irl trying to tell me to give up on my program, since it is unlikely to stop bullying, but if everyone continues to do nothing about it than it will never stop for sure. Even if my program fails, i can at least say I tried to make an effort to help people with bullying, cause obviously no one else in my school district is willing to do anything.

I found a website on anti bullying policies in Iowa and what they must consist of legally wise. Pointing out this screenshot specifically describing a hostile school environment. I can fit almost if not all of these traits to the school I am at now. I used to fake being sick, not because I hated school, i love school, but because I was afraid of being hurt repeatedly. I used to keep everything valuable to me in secret compartments in my desk because students had stolen, torn up, destroyed, and more with things I care about. I used to get beat up black and blue, since that one girl yanking my hair in preschool to when I decided to go to k12. And we all know how bullying has effect my mental health, i am still recovering from that (it is a slow journey and a hard climb, but I am trying). As for my academic performance, those missed days in school didn't do any good, and i was being denied to skip a grade so I could be academically challenged once I had caught up only because the teacher in charge of my extended learning program felt I was too emotionally unstable from bullying to skip a grade, other than that I was excelling in every one of my classes, because I worked hard to get there, but I couldn't skip a grade because bullying made me emotionally unstable, which started my mental health issues in the first place.

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