I am gonna talk about a video my mom showed me once. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the video, but if you do, please post it.
So it takes place in a classroom, just your average class, desks and chairs. There was a girl wearing a hoodie, and she was just sitting, head down at a desk, a bunch of kids coming pouring in. Some girls start bullying her, verbally at first, while bystanders are taking videos of it. Eventually, one of the girls starts turning it physical. The hoodie girl starts to defend herself, fighting and winning, while more people continue to take a video and a few are laughing. One she gets done with the bullies, she continues on to the bystanders who stood there laughing and taking a video rather than help her. Mostly by kicking or punching their phones and then their stomachs. When the rest of the kids are either on the ground or running away, the girl goes back to her seat and the video ends. Here's the thing, what do you think happened afterwards? I will bet, the girl probably got expelled and everyone else probably got detention if not suspension. All the girl did was defend herself and taught some people who thought that bullying was okay a lesson and she probably got expelled for if, even though she never started it, she was minding her own business and would have done nothing if they hadn't provoked her. I think this is absolute, 100% BULLCRAP.

This got cut off from the end-
"stop it, because if we don't try, it will be truly impossible"

I am still thinking of a name, right now it is just the Anti-Bully Letter Program.

#StopBullying #RaiseYourVoice

When I was a 5th grade student, a bully from higher grade entered our classroom during recess. There were very few students present there at that time, as most of them were outside. I was eating at the corner of a bench. The bully came to me, gave an evil look, picked my water bottle up without saying a word and was getting ready to throw it away on the floor. I didn't say anything at first, but then I caught his wrist and gave a stern look. He gave me back a stern look, then he said, ''Which grade are you in? 5th, right? And do you know which grade I'm in? 7th.'' He said this very rudely, freed his wrist from my hand, placed the bottle back on the desk with a loud 'thud', and went away.
This was the last time I remember getting bullied.

One of the most overused phrases after someone offends another is, "it was only a joke". For me, I am fine with offensive language AS A JOKE as long as the person it is offending is 1, laughing, and 2, it is only said by a friend of their's. A couple days ago a kid was calling me a word I'm not allowed to repeat here repeatedly during Math class. The teacher same over and the kid said it was just a joke. First off, I wasn't laughing, in fact I wanted to knock him out (I didn't, the only thing I actually did was shoot a rubber band at him, he stole it😒. And second, I'm not friends with him, not even in the least bit. I don't recognize that as a joke, I see that as verbal bullying (he was saying it every 30 seconds, so it was repeated, therefore bullying).

So today a few girls at lunch saw that I was sitting alone and asked me to sit at their table, I made friends with them. That was extremely nice of them even if all they did was invite me over. Even the smallest actions can make a big difference to somebody, what they did might have seemed small, just inviting someone to their table, but it meant a lot to me. Even small things like making sure no one is alone at lunch, holding a door open, giving someone a complement, ect, can mean a lot to other people. One of my favorite quotes is "Everything you say and do can make a big difference, so make it kind." because it's true. So I want to give you guys an assignment sorta for anti-bullying. When you go to school (or if you are in school, idk where you are or what time zone you are in, but) I want you to do one small nice thing to somebody you don't know at school. Then come back here to the group and comment what you did.
Some suggestions again are:

-Inviting someone to your lunch table
-Opening a door for someone
-Giving someone a complement
-Helping someone if they are stuck on an assignment or something
-and more things you might add (if you have a suggestion for this list I would be happy to add it).

So idrk what to post on here. Or how to help stop bullying, soo yeah.

Just checking the group! I would make posters but I don't know what I would say and I am not aloud to hang them up around my neighborhood. Sorry....

Group Goal(s)
Big Goal - To Stop Bullying Once And For All
First Small Goal - Raise Awareness For Bullying Around Your School And Neighborhood (posters for example are a good idea, you could make some or find them online and put them up around, or any idea to raise awareness, like a fundraiser even).

What is the stupidest thing you have heard today?
Me - this.

Teachers 'forced special needs child to make a list of his faults.'

A 10-year-old boy with special needs who complained of bullying was forced by staff to listen to his other classmates listing the reasons they didn't like him - and he had to write them on a hand-drawn poster that was then stuck up on his classroom wall.
In a case that campaigners say highlights the need for specialist training resources, Damian Lightroller's son, who has traits for autism, ADHD, and oppositional defiant disorder and is on the special education needs register, was told by his peers he needed to "Stop shouting" , " Stop annoying us" and "Be happy, not sad" if he wanted to have better relationships with them. (Go to theguardian.com for the full article.)

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If you care a single bit about the 160,000 kids who stay home from school each day for fear of bullying, the over 3.2 million kids who get bullied each year, or putting an end to both of those, join this group.
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