I thought after the gemlas teaser you all deserved more. I am now into semi realistic. I was inspired by Viria. Please if you have any questions about my att , post them here, message me, or post them on my wall! Bye!! Post more digitals soon! 💛LLM


This isn't really how I picure her but here's annabeth

Reyna from the HoO (I don't really like this one)


Hazel from HoO


Okay. My art is so much better now. But, I feel bad about myself sometimes when I post it. So, please understand that that is why I have not and probably won't be posting much art anytime soon. I may post a few small fanart and Zentangle and maybe semi relisim soon. I just don't really feel like sharing everything.

sorry I haven't posted art forever.... I have been low on ideas.

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I will post my artwork. Feel free to share for nonmembers.
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