You're getting better!!!! ;D

Here is a traditional drawing of my OC! I am trying to come up with the rest of the backround! Have any suggestion?

A drawing from about a month ago

A drawing of my OC from a few weeks ago

This is a new OC of mine! This is the first time I drew her. It is a traditional anime style!

My OC! This time less cartoony more anime like! I am taking name suggestions!

Here is my oc again. This time traditional.

I am making a OC. She will be my first ever. Here is a pic of her. I made it digitally. Still thinking of a name. Right now I just know what she looks like and that she is full of energy, exciteable, free spirited, nice, and more. I don't have time to list ALL the characteristics. So here she is....

Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.

Now I'm a member of your group! 😁

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