This was NOT made by me, this was made by Midnight Symphony on Power Poetry :
The Burden of the Night Princess

The burden of the night princess is often hard to bear.
She often lies awake at night for something that’s not there.
In the sun her subjects laugh and play, but at night they fall asleep.
She wishes they would play with her, in the dark and quiet peace.
Luna lies awake at night with no one to be seen,
And often wonders why she suffers this dark and lonely dream.
Everyday at sunsets end, she lifts the moon and stars,
She paints the sky with misery, and all her hurtful scars.
And every night while fillies sleep, she sings a lullaby,
She sings the song of loneliness that often makes her cry:

For all my loyal subjects as you lie asleep in bed,
I bring you dreams of lovely things, put hope inside your head.
But none of you have thanked me once, and none of you ask why,
That right before you go to bed, when you look into the sky,
You see the stars and moon above and you feel a cringe of pain,
You see that all the things i do are painfully in vain.

Luna’s hate burned up inside and eventually boiled out,
Surrendering she gave her soul to the nightmare queen of doubt.
She tried to rule Equestria through suffering and pain,
was banished to the moon above, by her sister she was slain.
A thousand years had come to pass, and she rose up once again,
Celestia had had enough, she wanted Luna tamed.
The kingdom must be ruled by two, she wants things to be right,
She calls her sister back to her, her princess of the night.
But nightmare moon did not like change; she loved her endless night,
She lied to Luna telling her that what she’d done was right.

The elements of harmony used by a group of friends
Brought Luna back to normal, and the nightmare to an end.
Celestia apologized for all that she’d done wrong,
A thousand years up on the moon was entirely to long.
And everything went back in place, as normal as could be,
For Luna changed her evil ways, and they all lived happily.

The burden of the night princess is often hard to bear,
But with the power of friendship, the burden can be shared.

This was NOT made by me, it was made by Midnight Symphony on Power Poetry :

This world spins closer to darkness,

The sun says goodnight as the stars blink their hellos across the sky.

Silence takes over the land.

Fillies sleep, they dream, they become all they aspire to be.

I sit, I watch, I admire,

I show them the world they want

I give them hope.

They do not see me,

Does it matter?

The moon is my prison

The stars are my only friends.

They keep me company.

We share this illusion,

We share this isolation.

This was NOT made by me, it was made by Midnight Symphony on Power Poetry :

I raise the sun,

the moon nods off as its passes under the horizen,

making the hills its bed for the day.

Pain enters my heart.

Dear sister i am sorry for this.

Business as usual today.

Talking with officials, making big decisions,

Luna always hated this part,

I miss my sister...

The day winds down,

take off my crown,

the moon breaks through the surface.

I watch the stars, these painful scars,

begin to come back open.

These tears i cry drip through the sky,

dear sister please come back.

My words ring out into the silence,

my heart begins to crack.

I am sorry.

The world is a cold cold place
Once were people with dignity and grace
Now we're fighting our human race
What has become
What has been done
What will happen
It is unclear
All we're left with is fear
What has gotten us here
Will people still be shunned
Can things be undone
Was all his for fun
Can we set it right
Put up a fight
Even on the darkest nights
You know life ain't fair
People live on without care
But what got us there

I have watched

People say, everyone here is equal

But that isn't so

Legally, that may be

But I watch people stare

Who cares about what gender they are?

Who cares about the color of their skin?

I know people aren't equal if you stare

Whiteness ,masculinity, and straitness doesn't mean superiosity

Nor does blackness, feminineity, and gay mean infurosity

People aren't veiwed equally

Sad but very very true

There are still racist, and completely biased people in this world

But who cares?

Judge people not by bias, but by the desisions they've made, as MLK JR intended,

And things like bi, transgender, aren't disadvantages, they don't make them any less a human than anyone else

The only thing that makes someone less human, is having biased judgement because of no reason at all.


strength is not how long you can stay on your feet

nor is it how much you fall

strength is how high you rise after you have fallen

because no one stands up forever

sad, but true

everyone falls

but very few rise, and grow

when we rise from falling,

we embrace our faults

show we are brave enough to show the world who we are

what we are inside

that is when you realise.

everything that meant the whole world to you,

doesn't matter anymore

as long as you rise in the end

as long as you grow

as long as you are happy

with yourself and the world around you

as long as you know YOU belong

that is when you have truly risen from the ashes.

the world goes on

night and day balanced

as well as the darkness and light

the calm and chaos

the sun and moon

as different as can possibly be

yet always in perfect harmony

angels and devils

evil and good

are there such things?

or are they missunderstood?

are you truth?

or did you just lie?

and yet you live in harmony

is there a harmony?

is it really balanced?

is there really lies?

is there really truth?

is anyone willing to learn the answers?

or is everyone going to live without a clue?

I am not shy

Just cause I speak none

Doesn't mean I have no words to say

Just because I am silent

Doesn't mean I don't have a voice

I bite my tounge

Hold back my words

Don't let them be heard

I'm screaming inside

But no one knows

"It's the blind leading the blind"

I say, but they say I'm out of my mind

People in lead

Know less than people in need

Those in top position

Starting revoloution

People thought to be all-knowing

Well, that's something their not showing

Has no one seen

Behind the scenes

To have a stable enough mind

To know, it's the blind leading the blind.

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