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First Hand
You say my emotions are fake, oversensitive, just an overreaction
But that's alright, you never did have compassion
You wouldn't know how words cut so deep because you are the one spitting them out
No one knows what happens inside my soul but you think you knows without a doubt
I'm a teenage girl, it must be attention that I am trying to gain
How dare you think you know my pain
You have never read my poems, my thoughts put into rhyme
As the years go by I find out your words hurt the most all this time
I thought a father should love their children unconditonally
But I all I have known from you is how you tortured me verbally
You know nothing of me, my true inner self, the thoughts inside my head or emotions in my heart
You never cared when I tried to reach out, when I showed you some of my art
I always wished I could show you inside, so you could see the damage first hand
By now i made my scars fade all by myself, i have gotten stronger and am able to withstand
Even through my darkest times where I wanted to end myself, my main concern was hurting you in the end
This hatred has learned to grow more and more and is something I do not recommend
Anger will forever burn in my heart, for this there is no forgiving
I will hate you for as long as I continue living
If you died tomorrow I would feel not any remorse, i would be overjoyed
For the very person who caused my pain would be destroyed
I hate these thoughts but they must get out of my head
If I don't write them out they will stay there until I am dead
You never knew me, i put on a mask
Don't know why I bothered, you wouldn't even ask
My depression may be gone, but the battle wounds turn into scars that remain
I wish there was a way to show you, first hand, my pain

I've been doing so well, keeping my chin up
But lately, I've been feeling like I'm being setup
Bullies bully relentlessly
It's been going on endlessly
I'm done with this absurdity
You've got to be kidding me
Feeling so empty I still hide my tears
This isn't new, it's been going on for years
There is nothing I haven't tried
There are times where I wish I died
No friends to talk to, they've got their own affairs
I feel like I'm about to disappear
While I put on a smile, I feel like I'm dying
But really, I really am trying
I'm trying to fight, I'm trying to win
1 on 100, no help from allies, friends, or kin
Wait no, I'm stronger than this, darkness won't prevail
Light will always win, look in any fairy tale
I'll be fine, just breath and clear my head
I know it hurts now, but I have a long time before I'm dead
To feel better, I will succeed
And I'll be darned if they're the ones to kill me

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Did you know she was hurt

Did you know everyone treated her like dirt

Did you know she was crying all the way home

Did you know everyone left her all alone

Did you know he was getting beat

Did you know the way he was treat

Did you know his parents never asked

Did you know all his dad did was drink out’ his flask

Did you know she wants to die

Did you know all she ever did was try

Did you know how the knife hit her arm

Did you know she daily did self-harm

Did you know the reason he was fighting

Did you know who he was protecting

Did you know people always said he was to blame

Did you know that no one asked, he couldn’t even give a name!

It’s time for you to know

It’s time to recognize, not let it go

Know what YOUR words have done

Before it’s too late, before they’re gone.

Be enlightened, don’t fall short

Don’t let the problem make it to court

Don’t let all of it repeat, the vicious cycle

Don’t let those kids end up suicidal

Walking down the hallway,

Looking at the people I see on this day,

There's the Jocks, the Scenes, the Gays,

The Cheerleaders, the Nerds, and the Emos saying "I'm okay",

The Mean Kids, the Tomboys, the Girly-Girls,

The Popular group, and the Peacemakers being thrown for a whirl,

The Mean Kids slaming Nerds, Scenes and Gays into the wall,

The Jocks and Tomboys playing catch with a football,

The Cheerleaders, Popular group and Girly-Girls gossiping away,

Peacemakers stop the drama, while the Emos run away from it all.

Walking down the hallway,

Seeing the things I see everyday.

Once awhile ago I was lost

In a place so cold everything was laced in frost

Couldn't find my way in a blizzard

I screamed but couldn't make it so my voice is heard

I cried, yelled, pleaded with all my might

But I wasn't quite ungulfed in the snowy night

Halfway there it would seem

While my sanity was split at the seam

I fought hard against the storm

After awhile, it lightened up, and began to get warm

For hope was shining bright in it's glory

Moving on from a sight so gory

Wounds began to heel, ones ultimately self-induced

As a new hope was introduced

Darkness looms for miles

Been down this road for awhile

Walking with a single phone flashlight

All that surrounds belongs to the night

No light to guide my way

Feeling lonely, walking astray

No place to rest or take a break

All this darkness makes my heart ache

With my one small light, it gives me hope

And in front of me I see a rope

I start to climb higher and higher

And, I, a depressed writer

See more light, big and bright

Hope defeating the darkness of the night

So for all you on your own dark roads

Keep the light on, hope will help you bear the load

Never give up or give in

Hope will be your guide through thick and thin

For awhile I've been down

I hadn't smilied, always a frown

I had been depressed

My life's a mess, super stressed

Used to slit my wrists

But now I'm balling up my fists

I'm tired of being depression's toy

And now I know what it is to have joy

I am proud to be me, pretty, smart, and gay

And now I know, I'm going to be okay

This was NOT made by me, this was made by Midnight Symphony on Power Poetry :
The Burden of the Night Princess

The burden of the night princess is often hard to bear.
She often lies awake at night for something that’s not there.
In the sun her subjects laugh and play, but at night they fall asleep.
She wishes they would play with her, in the dark and quiet peace.
Luna lies awake at night with no one to be seen,
And often wonders why she suffers this dark and lonely dream.
Everyday at sunsets end, she lifts the moon and stars,
She paints the sky with misery, and all her hurtful scars.
And every night while fillies sleep, she sings a lullaby,
She sings the song of loneliness that often makes her cry:

For all my loyal subjects as you lie asleep in bed,
I bring you dreams of lovely things, put hope inside your head.
But none of you have thanked me once, and none of you ask why,
That right before you go to bed, when you look into the sky,
You see the stars and moon above and you feel a cringe of pain,
You see that all the things i do are painfully in vain.

Luna’s hate burned up inside and eventually boiled out,
Surrendering she gave her soul to the nightmare queen of doubt.
She tried to rule Equestria through suffering and pain,
was banished to the moon above, by her sister she was slain.
A thousand years had come to pass, and she rose up once again,
Celestia had had enough, she wanted Luna tamed.
The kingdom must be ruled by two, she wants things to be right,
She calls her sister back to her, her princess of the night.
But nightmare moon did not like change; she loved her endless night,
She lied to Luna telling her that what she’d done was right.

The elements of harmony used by a group of friends
Brought Luna back to normal, and the nightmare to an end.
Celestia apologized for all that she’d done wrong,
A thousand years up on the moon was entirely to long.
And everything went back in place, as normal as could be,
For Luna changed her evil ways, and they all lived happily.

The burden of the night princess is often hard to bear,
But with the power of friendship, the burden can be shared.

This was NOT made by me, it was made by Midnight Symphony on Power Poetry :

This world spins closer to darkness,

The sun says goodnight as the stars blink their hellos across the sky.

Silence takes over the land.

Fillies sleep, they dream, they become all they aspire to be.

I sit, I watch, I admire,

I show them the world they want

I give them hope.

They do not see me,

Does it matter?

The moon is my prison

The stars are my only friends.

They keep me company.

We share this illusion,

We share this isolation.

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