Is it normal for a kid to have so much stress?

Dear self,

Everyday the feeling of being hopeless gets worse. Two years? Your really think someone's going to help you out of this? They don't care anymore, your close to forgotten. Your cry everyday but nobody notices. Those battle scars on your body? Their from a war your still fighting everyday. You blame others for your actions, because you've been fighting this war alone too long. You've tried to give up. Multiple times and no one notices it. You wake the next day with tears falling down. When you look to others you look fine, like everything's going to be alright. But you can't anymore. It's too hard. You just want to give up. Why won't you just give up? You look in the mirror everyday, wiping tears away to make sure others don't see your pain. You can't tell others your dying everyday. It's too hard...they don't realize it. It's too hard to admit your dying inside because once you do, it's real. I just want to know my worth. Nothing more.

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