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Faeding Fast
Chapter 1- Fading

A young teen rushed across a gleaming titanium floor. Computer terminals flashed red, alarms in the ceiling blared. His black hair shined with sweat, his silver eyes flashed with anxiety.
“Breach in the main hull,” a robotic voice came on intercoms. “Hull integrity- 90% and lowering.”
The teen gritted his teeth, frantically trying to activate a repair sequence.
“Sequence terminated.” The voice reported.
His hand slipped away from the computer as the alarms blared louder, and he headed for the airlock. An image of a burning building flashed hotly through his mind as he sprinted, causing him to stop dead in his tracks.
“James!” A woman’s voice reverberated through his skull and out of his ears. Now the woman was joined by a chorus of other voices, a child screaming and a baby’s cry. “James! Go! Get out of here!” The woman screamed. He blinked to force the memories out of his sight, but they kept coming. Attacking him like a pack of hungry vultures, picking at him with sharp talons and ripping at his flesh. Then they swooped in for the kill. The building suddenly exploded in front of his eyes, knocking him back and sending a shooting pain up his arm. Tears streamed down his face as he knelt, his fists clenched and his rage growing.
“GET THE HELL OUT OF MY BRAIN!!!!!” He screamed, and everything was silent. The explosions, muffled. The alarms, insignificant.
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Imma put some story I’ve been working on. It’s called faeding fast! (Warning: rated T for death, violence, and swearing)

Knight, sorry I couldn’t post this any sooner, I lost the google doc I made it on. But here’s

Loca Novis Chapter 5 (by Artist Girl)

The girl turned around. Alexa looked at her and stared. The girl stared too. Alexa’s eyes widened. The girl’s didn’t. They couldn’t. She didn’t have any eyes. Just big black holes… staring, swirling, sucking all the happiness… Alexa broke the mysterious silence and screamed.

She ran. Farther and farther into the woods, never turning around, never risking a backward glance… running faster, farther, until she ran far enough fast enough, she was sure the girl wouldn’t be there anymore.

Alexa looked around. To the right of her what you’d exect in a forest. Trees. To the left was a grove, in it a large tree with a door among the roots. Alexa, curious about what might be in it, took a step forward. Nothing happened. Alexa walked the full length of the grove until she found she had brought herself to the edge of the grove, right in front of a small door.

The door was about 5 feet tall, shorter that Alexa herself. She hesitated, then lifted her hand and knocked. No answer. She knocked again. This time, she heard a sort of buzzing noise. The door opened, and a small old woman was looking up at her. “What’ve we gots here, Peg?

Alexa gaped at her. “Who- who are you?” The woman chuckled. “Did ye hear that, Peg? The pretty lass wants to know who we are. Tell ‘er, Peg!”

The woman’s face seemed to change, and in a quite different voice, she said, “Come in, deary, come in. Now, I’s Peggy, bu’ yer prob’ly already knows that. “Actually, I didn’t” responded Alexa. The woman looked shocked. “Yer means- ye’s ne’er ‘eard o’ me? The witch o’ the grove?”

“W-witch?” Alexa stammered. “Yeah” came the reply. Just then, Alexa noticed a cauldron of a glowing purple substance. “Um- what’s that?” she asked. “Ah,” said the witch, “Just a little something I’ve made for my lovelies.” “Um, what are your… lovelies?” Peggy frowned at me. “You don’t know who my lovelies are?” Her voice changed back to the one she first used. “Well, of course, Peg. She’s never heard of us, remember? Tell ‘er, Peg, tell ‘er!”

The woman’s voice changed again. “Of course. Well, ye see, when people like you come to my house, a lot of them don’t apprez- apr-” “Appreciate” provided Alexa. “Yes, my dear, thank you, they don’t whatever you said my ‘orspitality, and they aren’ grateful. So I’s gotta punish ‘em for it, so I turn ‘em into these fellows ‘ere.” Upon saying this, she pulled out a huge jar or creatures, looking like turtle-snails with green fur. Alexa grimaced at the sight of them.

“Those used to be people?” she asked. Not answering her question, Peg said “Bedtime, deary!” Dreading to think of what Peg would do to her while she slept, Alexa silently made a plan to escape during the night.

Accidentia Chapter 4
I glanced about. The bay was stretched over in front of me, some marshy grass sticking out near the water. Llia took a step into it as I collapsed on the ground, afraid to touch anything, for fear it might die.
Llia looked back at me. "Are you okay, Vivi?" she asked, her hand hovering over the water, and the water stretching up to it like wet clay.
I shook my head, hands crossed on my chest. "What am I gonna tell my parents?" I whispered. "'Oh, hey, Mom, I just killed all my classmates.'" I said, and then added sarcastically, "She's gonna be like, 'Honey, did they annoy you?' And I'm gonna have to say, 'Oh, no, not this time, but the school suddenly started making all the survivors of my little accident into monsters and I met this girl who can control water!""
"Your description of me isn't very flattering," she cracked. Then Llia stayed silent for a moment. "I just realized I had it today," she admitted.
I sighed. "Mine's been growing, I think. What are you gonna say to your parents?"
"I won't say anything," she said. "It'll be safer this way."
I pulled out my phone, and unlocked it. "We should at least call them," I said urgently. "Tell them we're on some sort of field trip or something."
Llia said, "They're gonna hear about the school soon. Everyone's dead. You killed them."
"Don't say that," I hissed, "It's terrible. I... didn't mean to kill anyone."
"Maybe they'll think we died in the school," said Llia. "But they'll find the bodies of the monsters… " she sat down with me, playing with her newfound power. She had a thoughtful expression her face.
"I'm sure the police will cover it up," I said bitterly. "They always do."
"How do you know that?"
"My mom's an officer and my dad's a college professor of criminology and psychology and all the mind-related "logies"."
"You're pretty smart for your age," she said quietly. I smiled for a moment but immediately snapped back to my usual demeanor as she asked aloud, "Where will we go?"
"I don't know."
"Maybe there's more like us..." she said slowly.
"Looks like there is," I said, and showed her the international news on my phone, under the crime and missing child reports.She scrolled through the news stories, several of which were in different languages, and then pulled them up on her phone to be sure.

-Today a child went missing. The police do not have any further information besides the fact that said child was told to have unusual powers, which is under investigation.

All of them played mostly the same tune, but with foggy and mysterious details. Llia bit her lip and turned towards the bay. "You think we can do more with our powers?" she asked. "Maybe we can use them to find a place to hide..." she took a step forward, and a foothold made of swirling water appeared over the shallow end of the harbor.
"I have an idea," I said.

We walked over to a higher point near the harbor, where it was much deeper.
"Okay," I said. "Apparently you can walk on water as well."
Llia smiled. "Apparently, Ms. Obvious. Okay. So, how do we find a place to go?" she asked, but it was more of a statement than a question, like she wasn't exactly expecting an answer. "Maybe we could try-"
"Don't you be snappy with me," I said suddenly.
She looked at me, her face like an anime character when someone says something dumb and they're like, 'really? You're gonna do that now, of all places?' And that's basically what she said.
"We shouldn't fight," she said, and I immediately regretted what I did and gave an impish smile.
"Yeah," I said.. "Let's find out what's going on..." I glanced at her. "I hope this all works out."
She smiled. "I hope it does too."

Accidentia- a co-op by ArtistGirl and GemHeart

Chapter 3 by ArtistGirl

Ilia’s POV
I opened my eyes. I had just fainted, I hadn’t -how to put it delicately? - DIED. The girl was kneeling down next to me, with her hands up, looking afraid to touch me.

"It’s okay,” I said. “I won’t hurt you.” From the expression on her face, I knew I had said the wrong thing. “No.” she said. “Stay away from me!” I ignored her command. “Stop! Do you want to end up like the rest of them? Decayed?”

I looked at her, then around the room at the twenty or so dead children, then back at her terrified expression. I decided not to bug her. So of course, me being me, I did. “Do you want a pipe blasting water in your face?”

She looked at my not-so-serious expression and laughed. “You’re like me, aren’t you?” I looked at her, an elfish grin on my face. “If you mean the subject of a terrible accident that only started today, then yes. However, if you mean that I can kill a classroom of people... I’m afraid we’re not so similar, my friend.”

She smiled at me, and asked what I could do. “Well...” I said, “I’m not so sure, but I think I can control...” I grabbed a cup of water that was on the teacher’s desk. I brought it over to where the girl was sitting on the ground. I tipped it over using my eyesight, and then, moving my hands as if making a snowball, I made the water into a bubble, floating above us in the air.

The girl was astonished. But not for long. She waved her hand toward the window, and it opened. Green leaves from the tree outside were plucked off by an unexpected cold wind. As they came in the window, they turned colors usually associated with autumn, like red, orange, and brown. they formed a circle and started dancing in the air all around us.

I was amazed. From the look on the girl’s face she was, too. I didn’t think she’d ever done that. An awkward silence followed, which I decided to break by changing the subject.

“So, uh, what’s you’re name?” I asked. “Viviane. But since we both have had- accidents, and we might as well be friends because we might work together someday... You can call me Vivi. My friends do.” I smiled, showing her that I was glad to be her friend, and said, “I’m Ilia. It’s nice to meet you.”

We walked out of the room. There was chaos in the hallways. The monsters were still out there. Vivi looked at me. I nodded, understanding what she meant. I made a big water force field around everyone except the monsters. Vivi looked at me again and stomped.

A wave of black went all throughout the hall. It killed the monsters. They decayed in a second. I released the force fields. They all ran away from me and Vivi. They were probably scared of us after seeing what we could do. Even I was pretty scared of myself!

Vivi and I walked off the campus. I could, surprisingly, tell where the nearest large body of water was and how to get there. We headed towards Chesapeake Bay, where we could go somewhere where no one knew how unusual we were in reality. I thought for a second about my family, then reprimanded myself. They could be hurt with me around. I knew what I was doing was better for them.

I walked off, never turning back.

Loca Novis Chapter 4

I felt the earth ground, picking myself up to see someone look at me dazed.

My vision wandered, and I couldn’t see them that well. “Hello?” I quietly said, gulping before getting up from the earth ground. I brushed myself off, crushed autumn leaves all over my clothes. I just now noticed my clothes being different, they were lighter. I had leather brown paints and a white cotton shirt. “What?” I muttered to myself, looking down in amazement.
“What? Don’t stare,” I heard a squeaky voice say from ahead of me.
“Who are you?” I asked, looking up at a tall man with brown locks of hair and brown eyes with a leather blouse and fur coat. I looked at him, almost amazed and in shock while he was dead in his tracks.
“Say, wouldn’t you mind helping with my wood?” he asked once more, taking my skinny arm and pulling my upwards. I was frozen at the sight of the middle early twenties man, or at least that’s how old I assumed he was. He gazed at me before rolling his eyes in content, “So?” he walked behind me, picking a log up from a pile of them.
“Oh, sorry, I’m just…” I couldn’t find a word for how confused I was.
“Pick them up already, I’m not a patient person,” he said, a think accent of some sort. The man bent down and pick three more up, walking past me and putting them in a carrier. The carrier was attached the one brown horse with big bucks that neighed constantly as the man hauled the logs over.
I then did as he commanded and loaded the rest of the logs. The sun hit my face, the rays making me sweat. I looked down, brushing my hands softly together as saw dust had fallen from my hands. “Good now. So, where are ya heading?” he asked tranquilly, flopping his hands in the air as saw dust had fallen from his too.
“I don’t know, where am I?” I asked, looking around in sheer confusion.
“The Rune Forest. And you’ve got a funny accent, where are you from?” he asked once more, going closer to me.
“Um, America,” I quickly responded, looking around the forest as a deer came by with a smile on its face. I almost jumped at the sight of it strolling by. The man smirked, then let out a tiny chuckle. “Wait till you see the ogres. Where’s America, love?” I scanned the forest as I look back at him, hesitant to answer the question.
“Near Canada? In the USA?” I said, annoyed by his lack of knowledge.
“Ain’t no place like that miss,” he said, looking at me if I was mad.
“Then where are we?!” I now said even more annoyed, hands on my hips, feeling my leather pants.
“You are in the Rune Forest, said it once and I might say it thrice.” He said, aggravated at me too. He then rolled his eyes again, slumped his hands, popped his knuckles and held me by the stomach. I could feel his soft, pale skin as the pressure hit my stomach.
“Let go of me!” I yelled as he put me on wagon.
“It’s not safe out here for young girls,” he said, going on a bench-like seat on the wagon, then whipping the donkey-like horse.
“C’mon Butternut!” he yelled as the horse ran, it’s hooves making a clicking noise as it hit something in the woods each time. Then, crunching noises. I picked myself up, sitting on wagon. This might have been the only safe place I could be, even though I didn’t even know his name.

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