Anyone wanna write a story together? Like i do a chapter then you do a chapter! If you want to, plz reply so we can get an idea of what to type..

I have watched WWZ, but I plan to get the book. ( World War Z)

I made a book (about cats)

Hey guys, haven't updated my Fiction club yet! Not reading anything now!

Hello! There is a Silens I chapter 20 out, of you'd like to read that! GemHeart is on "vacation", so she won't be able to make a chapter. Though, I don't know how long she'll be gone. Most likely till Monday? IDK! Anyways, so there is a chapter out (and has been out for days LOL.)

Short Story 'Silent' Part 1 Horror Story

I laid in my head filled with plenty of wonders, sitting in my chair near my sister that had her big eyes on mine. "What?!" I asked before she pointed over to the door. We were home alone, and usually at this hour, Mom and Dad would come home. I laughed, but she seemed serious about the situation. "There was a knock," she whispered before grabbing my arm and tugging me over. She pushed me under the table as she followed along. "What?" I whispered, confused and scared.

I started to hear whispering for what it seemed it was from inside the house, but we were home alone. My sister put her finger on my mouth, seemingly she had a plan. I heard footsteps from upstairs, and hopefully came to a reasonable reason why this was happening. "The cat? Our parents?" She grinned before getting up once there was a single knock at the door. She came closer to it, but there was a pounding from outside the house.

I looked around for a phone to call the police, but there was only my sister's. The house laid silent and I couldn't see my sister. After being silent for several minutes, I heard a scream coming from upstairs, which was odd. I thought my sister was near the door.

I hadn't thought much about it, and ran up the stairs as I could. I started hearing weeping, which made me alarmed.
I rushed to a room that seemed the closed to the crying. I started yelling my sister's name, but no one answer. I look around the dark room to see a girl that looked like my sister curled up a ball in the side of the room. I said her name silently, as she titled her head up. She yelled in an unsettling way, while I felt a strange to tap on my arm. I turned to see my sister, scared. I turned back around to see that she wasn't my sister.

You like? Want me to make a part two? Also, sorry for grammar mistakes!

Asia being related to Nagini: possible?
I would have her being distantly related.
Any suggestions?

Hey! Reading Divergent... I personally like Hunger Games better. I've read Flowers for Algernon (I LOVED that book), My Sister's Keeper, and the Fault in Our Stars, as well as Everything Everything and a few other adult novels. What have y'all read?

I read a book called ON THE EDGE OF GONE. it was good, but the end was weak.

Hey Luna? About your story, what exactly do you want me to do?

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