Best moment in all Naruto series!

Team 7 evolution!

Sasuke through years.

Base colors. Her hair is actually in a spiky ponytail that fastens in a rope-like fasten in the back. I tried making colors clash... LOL...

Okay. Here’s the character. I’ve already used ice powers for Rinji (Bleach OC) so Imma switch it up with this gal. So I think she will be of the element Wind, though she uses Storm (and/or Crystal) Justus. Any ideas for names or any other suggestions? I think I’ll create a new clan for her unless you know of a clan that may fit her.

Jutsus styles.

Hey Albi! I'm trying to create a Naruto OC (I create OCs for fandoms I really like). Of course, she's a girl (helps me relate more with the character). She has long teal colored hair that are tied in jutting pigtails (these pigtails don't hold all the hair, so some long hair is almost halfway down her back). I was thinking about just letting her be a character in the Village of Leaves since I haven't learned a lot about the other villages yet. She's an average Shinobi in terms of strength and stamina, but she's pretty quick with attacks. She looks about younger Hinata's age. She's a bit like Ino with personality, but she's not exactly mean and never tells things as she sees them (she's sorta like Inner Sakura in that sense XD). I'll try to post her sketch soon!

Any ideas for her home village, powers, etc? I thought I'd ask you cuz you know a lot about Naruto.

Kakashi still Kakashi! XD XD XD

I believe this is Hinata? I mean, she has the all-seeing eye and the same headband. Correct me if I am wrong!

Sasuke's pain!

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