Do you know how much time it took to build the Sphinx?

History Lives Here. is my favorite club.

What do you know about Japanese history? ;P

Lets talk in Spanish, Knightstar! I will go first:
Como estas?

How long did it take for the Mona Lisa to be made?

What is your favorite ship? I like sloops (3 guns) for their speed and turning, but their hulls are VERY weak.
So, I think the cutter (10 guns) is the best small ship. My favorite BIG ship is either the first rate (around 114 guns) or the man'o-war (86-100 guns). The frigate (50 guns) is my favorite big-small ship.
Can you guess what ship this is?

What is your favorite event in history?

Thanks for excepting my request in less than a day!

Everyone, what type of history do you want to talk about?
I was thinking about:
1. Types of pirate ships.
2. Space.
3. Characters.
4. Whatever you like in history.
I have a ship in the first idea. This is a sloop, also known as a sloep from the Dutch. The sloop was also relating to a sloop-of-war or a anti-submarine ship in a convoy.

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