Cover for "White and Pink Make Coral".

I redisigned octarla, and agent three is Jay when he is in Octo Valley. Also, evilin is the only evil pun I could think of.

OK Octo, what are the side stories for your octolings?inklings? I will try to draw a few comics of them soon...

A tour of Inkopolis.

Sry I couldn’t get the ocs posted sooner, busy
The twin tails one is named Octarla

Wow... first story u posted was gr8. Very moving.

So! I posted 10 stories that I wrote on KidzTalk now below. Comment on those you like the most!!!
I would love to write another story on KidzTalk but I have no ideas...

Part 10. This was a group story I wrote with some other people... it was never finished.


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