Hey, we miss ya FH!

Idk what this is, but here.

DATE: 5/21/2019
TIME: 1:43 PM
ENTRY: Bored
BY: Paige/ FunHeart1010

Me, Tyler, Dad, and Granny got back from Subway an hour ago and now im starting school. School is "eh". I mean if dad gave me a choice of "Do school" or "not do school", I would probably pick "Not do school". Most of my subjects aren't that hard. Except Middle School American History. My teacher on that subjects is so weird. She does weird hand movements, and her hair looks greasy. I think after school I might do a digital drawing. I feel so relieved I finished my art challenge. Cuz now I can draw whenever I want, not EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. But I feel proud of myself finally finishing a challenge. I usually only do like 1 day of a challenge, then don't do it the next day. Im soo borrreedd, it's raining outside now and I can't take chewie outside. Chewie is my dog btw.

Soooo, basically I deleted all the posts on here, and renamed it to FunHeart's Journal.

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