SooooOooOooo…… right now im at a KOA (a campground) and we 're only staying for a day cause tomorrow we're going to the Balloon Fiesta! 😁 😁 😁

Update: I am going on a trip to Mexico! Its for my parents anniversary....we will probably be there for 5 days! (I am leaving Monday Btw) ✈

AYY! Wassup! I recently got back from a huge trip to MONTANNNNAA! I am sorta sad , but at least I get to see my grandparents! 😋 😊 😃 👴 👵

Just went to a cool airplane museum!

Just got to our South Dakota RV park!!! It a KOA those are really good.

Update: We are leaving our Rv park in Montana☹️🙁😰😩😫😖 Buuuuutttt we are going to South Dakota!🙂😀😄😌

Hey guys yesterday I went horseback riding and white water rafting!!! It was so fun! My horse's name was BitterRoot Lol! Anyway it was just an update on my life!


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