I confessed to her!!

DATE: 2/11/2020
TIME: 10:39 PM
ENTRY: My crush thinks no one likes her...
BY: Paige/FunHeart1010

So, recently my crush has been complaining that no one likes her...when secretly....I do! (She's on KidzNet btw..) Anyway....I'm just annoyed that she can't figure out that I like her. But even if she does figure out...I'm NOT allowed to date at all. Not even have crushes. But I doubt she knows. She only is interested in people in her real life.

Date: 2/2/2020
Time/ 12:17 AM
Entry: Crush or is she just a great friend?
By: Paige/FunHeart1010

Soo... Basically I think I have a crush. But I am trying to figure out do I have a little crush on her, or is she just a great friend. She also has a crush. 1st problem, I am not really allowed to have crushes. 2nd prob, I honestly never had a crush on a girl, and my parents don't know I'm Bisexual , or at least I don't think I do.

Anyway, she's really nice, sweet and supportive. but I don't really know a lot about her...I may just be confused, opinions? 😕

DATE: 1/21/2020
TIME/ 12:44 AM
ENTRY: My sexuality, I make no apologies.
BY: Paige/FunHeart1010

I am definitely not straight. I am not fully gay, but I am neither fully straight. I know for a fact I am bisexual. I always thought bisexual meant two genders, some people same its more than 2, which would be pansexual. I fully support the LGBTQ+ community. I don't fully agree with transgender, but I definitely do NOT discriminate against it. But the unfortunate part is...that I could never come out to my family. My family is homophobic, and transphobic. I have definitely hinted that I support the lgbgq plus community. This is who I am and I make no apologies. But I am scared of losing friends family ECT. Oh yeah and I also Asian, and my mom's side and some of my dads side is religious. No one should every be discriminated for who they love. They have the right to love who they want.

I was recently watching about how Ellen degeneres suffered greatly for coming out on her own tv sitcom. After coming out her sitcom was cancelled. I was almost tearing up because of this. My grandpa ( and other family members) was watching and the speech.

his response: People now a days think its so cool to say their gay. And that they should be proud of it.

They should be proud of it! for more than 50 years people were discriminated for being gay. Finally getting to say "I am gay!" without getting dirty looks or getting called names...is refreshing!

anyway just a quick rant lol

DATE: 5/21/2019
TIME: 1:43 PM
ENTRY: Bored
BY: Paige/ FunHeart1010

Me, Tyler, Dad, and Granny got back from Subway an hour ago and now im starting school. School is "eh". I mean if dad gave me a choice of "Do school" or "not do school", I would probably pick "Not do school". Most of my subjects aren't that hard. Except Middle School American History. My teacher on that subjects is so weird. She does weird hand movements, and her hair looks greasy. I think after school I might do a digital drawing. I feel so relieved I finished my art challenge. Cuz now I can draw whenever I want, not EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. But I feel proud of myself finally finishing a challenge. I usually only do like 1 day of a challenge, then don't do it the next day. Im soo borrreedd, it's raining outside now and I can't take chewie outside. Chewie is my dog btw.

Soooo, basically I deleted all the posts on here, and renamed it to FunHeart's Journal.

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