Hey. How are you? and how is your comic going? I miss having you on KN all the time!

Page 2 is fixed with warm colors for night readers, and has captions so it is easier to read

Hey, CSeriestechhero. I hope your comic is going good.

Thanks again guys! I am working on the second panel on the second page! And thing are being slightly delayed because I drew the panel on paper because drawing it seemed quite easier than trying to draw on electronics especially because I don't have my own tablet nor do I have a Chromebook because school hasn't started yet. Things are improving because of your guys love and support. Thank you so much. I would never have been motivated if it weren't for you all. Go ahead and ask questions about the comic such as story, progress, etc. Make fan posts, jokes memes and stuff that'll motivate me to work my hardest on this comic series! Thank you for being such supporting friends! You are such awesome people for being such patient supporters and fans!

how are the comics doing?

Panel/page1 complete

Welcome Kitten! Read the description to your right for more info.

My progress on one of the panels

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Welcome guys! A upcoming web comic series is coming soon! And this is the official group where i post my progress for my comic series, MOTHER 5 Here is what it is about: Mother 5 is a web comic series about a kid (me) and my friends trying to stop the Apple of Enlightenment (which is now controlled by the remains of Giygas after he was defeated by Ness and his friends in Earthbound/MOTHER 2) As Giygas remains regrow and multiply like a virus, it will rebirth Giygas so he the "Cosmic Destroyer" can fulfill such evil destiny. Will he? And how could our team defeat Giygas for good? Get ready cause you are going in for a really good adventure. I am also planning on writing a ebook here on my page for users who may not like my art, or my comics series is too complicated.
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