This is a digital drawing of Alice from my Cortana series! Hope ya guys like it!

Hope you guys like this digital drawing of Bella the bat!!

Another drawing of Cortana hope ya guys like it don't be afraid to ask any questions!! Enjoy!!

Here is a drawing of Alice from my Cortana series I drew her kinda like a chibi. If you have any questions about Alice please ask.

I tried drawing somthing a bit different this time and with more emotion. Hope ya guys like it.

Hay guys I haven been drawing in a while cause I've been so busy but here is a super super early Valintines day drawing of Cortana hope ya guys like it!

Here's the drawing you requested FunHeart!
I'm not vary good at drawing galaxy so I
did just the moon and the stars using pastels!

Personally I'm not vary happy about going back to school but I hope you guys enjoy it!!

This a drawing of snow white but I not too proud of this one.. hope you guys like it!😅


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This group is about me posting my drawings and posting my story's. You can ask for a story you want me to write or request a drawing you want me to draw. I'll be posting drawings three times a week and making storys one at a time. Please feel free to share , like and comment on my posts. You can join to see my drawings, request and read my story's. Please enjoy!!