WELP. I never post in this group anymore (sorry guys) and so I'm going to call this group officially CLOSED. I won't delete it or anything, but I won't post here anymore. Not like I was anyway D:

Hey guys! I should be able to post Cyberlink comics soon (if y'all still care anymore). At least you know the reason why I haven't been able to.

Then he says (after it shrinks) "Ok, an even smaller pendant.". Then he puts the pendant on, and then it vanishes! ZARP! To which Cyberlink says "Huh?" and then "Cool! It disappeared!" (sorry 'bout the spelling on the comic). Then he says "I've got to get out of here!" and then he says "Cyberlink, activate speed boost!" The end... till next time...

Then, on the next page, Cyberlink's "System" activates. Arm doesn't know what to think either, so he just says "Wring?". The next panel shows the world through Cyberlink's eyes now. You can see that the power is so low, that all his systems are offline. He can't even see anything now! So then he says "Cyberlink, DEACTIVATE!" (btw I emphasized "deactivate" in this, because I wanted to show that he was saying a Cyberlink command.) and then Cyberlink (the system says "DEACTIVATING". He then turns to Arm and says "Thank you very much!" to which Arm replies "Whirrr.". Then WHOOSH! Cyberlink watches as Arm does something... then finds a ginormous pendant on the ground. He picks it up and says "He turned into a pendant?".

Ok... So here Cyberlink finds himself on top of the lab's rubble. He walks around and sees a robot named "Arm." Original, huh? He says "Hi there" to which the robot responds "Whirr!". Then, Arm starts pulling on his "Destroyed Cyberlink drive". Cyberlink says "Hey!" to this. Then, Arm pulls the whole thing out and wires come out of Cyberlink's head. Pop! Cyberlink yells "Whoa!" and Arm shrinks (busy panel, eh?)! Then Cyberlink watches as something happens to his Cyberlink drive, which is still held firmly by arm. Cyberlink says "What the..." and I probably would to, in this condition! Then, ZOOM! The Cyberlink drive slingshots back into Cyberlink's head, along with all the wires!

Ok!! I'm back!! I am posting comics now...

To be continued...

Suddenly, the tank explodes: BLAMMO!! BANG!!

Next, the tank starts to shake. The Modifier says: Uh Oh!!

Next, we see Cyberlink`s Cyberlink drive flashing. He yells: NOOOO!
The Modifier just laughs

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