The Mystery in Riverdale

Chapter 3: Finding The Truth of Jason's Death

It was the end of the school day..... Archie was going for football tryouts, and the girl were heading toward the gymnasium.....

"Hey Arch!" The coach yells trying to get his attention. "Oh, Hi coach!" Archie says excited for tryouts. "SO you're trying out for football?", "Yep!" Archie says excited. Archie does well for the tryouts, and the coach hands him a jersey.... "You're on the team son!" He hands Archie a familiar jersey. He notices the number 9 on the jersey.... it was Jason's jersey. "well, my Dad has been wanting me to help him with his ill' think bout' it..." "Ok son, just think...." The coch walks away a bit furious. The girls were just heading to cheer tryouts. The cheer captain of the Vixen's was Cheryl Blossom. (The girl walk in to the gym) Ron looks at Betty "Ready?" She says nervously. "Y-yes". They do there cheer dance, and Cheryl doesn't seem impressed. "Girls! Where is the spice? The sizzle??" She says intimidating. "Well, if you will shut up, You'll see the grand finale!" . And suprisingly they kiss. "Girls. You know kissing the same gender doesn't work right??" She says still unimpressed. She looks to Betty. "Betty! Why dont you tell everyone what your sister done to my brother?" She say trying to make Betty feel bad. "Veronica! didn't she tell you about her sister, Polly?" She narrows her eyes at Betty. "Uh, no, no she didn't". "Cheryl, what happened between Polly and Jason was an accident. And you know it..." She says sadly. "Yeah thats what you say Betty." She ends the conversation. "Veronica, Welcome to the team! But Betty, Better luck next time!" She snickers. "Wait! We come in pairs! You take me, you take her as well." She looks at Betty with a smile. "Ugh, fine. You'll find your self some outfits at the front desk" She say furious.

The Mystery in Riverale

Chapter 2: Meeting the new girl (continued from last chapter) "are you ready for your date Betty?" He asks her..."Yeah". "how many dates have you had with him so far??" "Like 3." (door bell rings) "Oh! That must be him! See ya later!" She run down the stairs. (she opens the door) "Hi Archie!" She says cheerfully. "Hi Betty! Ready?" "Yes!" (just gets to choc'lit Shoppe) *and yes that's how they spell it* They get there and sit down. "so whats up?" Archie says. "Eh nothing much" "Hey Ar-" She gets interrupted by a door jingle. Archie stares at the girl. She starts walking over to there table. "hi!' She says. Archie just getting out of his daydream "H-hi!" "I'm looking for Betty Cooper?" (betty stands up) "Oh that's me". "Oh hello, I am Veronica Lodge!" "Oh hi, would like to sit?" She says annoyed. "oh no thank you. And you're supposed to give me the tour on the school?" she asks politely. "Oh yeah". "anyway I have gotta go, Nice meeting you two!" She leaves walking a cat walk. "Anyway what were you going to ask me??" "oh nothing" She says sadly..

Narrator: Archie Andrews The Mystery in Riverdale
Setting: 1966
Chapter 1: Jason's Death

One day the Blossom twins (Cheryl and Jason) Went out one night for a "little" boat ride. When they got in the middle in the lake, Cheryl and dropped her glove...and Jason being a good brother went to get it.... Just a spilt second he started drowning. "HELP! Somebody help! My brother is drowning!" Cheryl cries. she knew that she had to act fast, She dived in! She tried to carry hime bck to the shore, but it was too late....*Narrator* Hours later..... (ablulance sirens) "Cheryl!" Cheryl looks back and notices her parents standing next to Jason. "Mom!" She runs to her mom with tears on the corner of her eye. "What happened her Ma'am?" A police officer starts walking up to them. "M-me and J-Jason w-went on a boat ride. I "accidentily" dropped my glove in the water, And Jason being a good brother went to get it" When he was struggling to get the bot tipped and he fell!" She shivers in cold air of the morning...… *Narrator* (2 months later) *Narrator* It is now 2 months since Jason's death... We haven't seen Cheryl since then... but today she finally decided to come today... "Hi Archie!" Betty calls Archie....."Oh hi Betty!" "ready for our date tonight?", "you bet!" Betty says cheerfully.

Once apon a time there was a princess who was very tired in the day and so she would go to bed too early and wake up wide awake at night and and spend all her energy in the morning and get tired again too early and the viscous cycle would continue. She had Advanced Sleep Phase Disorder (ASPD)

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🌼The Spring Fair 🌼

Chapter 2: The Spring Bake Off

It was the second day of the Spring Fair, it was time for the Spring Bake Off! The contestants were: Sara Lodge, Jenny Chrosphord, Mark Lennings, and Jason Gabes, All of them had a big love for baking. Last year's dessert theme was pies, this year was cupcakes 🍪 🍩 🍰 🍮 🍭 🍬 🍦. It was 2 hours until the Spring Bake Off, everyone was getting ready! they were getting flour, eggs, milk, the whole 9 yards! Liza gave Sara and Jenny their dresses. it was finally time for the Spring Bake Off! Everyone got in their baking stations. And got their ingredients ready and their utensils, they were all ready! Announcer: Everyone welcome to the Spring Bake Off! Are contestants are ready so lets get started in 3...2...1..GO!! Everybody picked their utensils and their ingredients and started baking! Sara was baking a lemon sprinkle cupcake. Jenny was making a Blue Velvet cupcake. Mark was making a cherry filling cupcake with Blueberry icing. Jason had a Pineapple filling cupcake with pineapple icing. Announcer: 3...2...1! Put your utensils down time for a taste test! Sara this outstanding! but it is a little bit bitter. Jenny I love this! you really thought outside the box! Mark this taste so good but the filling sank to the bottom and your bottom got saggy. Jason nice taste but same thing happened to yours too, it got really saggy on the bottom. the results are in! The winner of the Spring Bake off is.......Jenny Chrosphord!

🌼The Spring Fair 🌼

Chapter 1: Alice's Speech/ Spring Fair

Alice had a big speech for the spring fair she was really nervous, but she was excited at the same time. When she got up on the stage she read out her speech and everybody clapped. Meanwhile her friend Liza was making Spring Fair dresses to sell at the Spring fair, all of them had pastel colors and flowers. Everyone loved her dresses. But everyone mostly came for the Spring Bake Off!
Daniela was in first place last year when she baked her famous Cupcake Pie!
🎂 🍩 🍪 🍪 But out in the wild the flowers were blooming and baby animals were being born.

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