who uses this anymore :/
I do!

Want to cite a web page? For Chromebooks, go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cite-this-for-me-web-cite/nnnmhgkokpalnmbeighfomegjfkklkle?hl=en to install. I can cite a Wikipedia page in one click.

What is a citing? I know its like quotes or something, but when a teacher tells you to make a thing to go with an assignment, it said to send a citing project in too.

Does anyone know how ATP works in a cell?

So, today I had an English assignment, and I thought I did awesome, although my teacher hasn't graded me yet. I also had no test on History, and I have test on everything everyday, so I was lucky. I also had...um a math test that i thought I would fail, but u got a 90..

Have any of you used KidzTalk to answer your homework questions?
Two good areas to post homework questions are:
I also have an advice column (Ask WhizKid)

This is random, but today when I had a math test, I thought I would fail. And I didn't. Turns out I got a 100.
Then, for a History test today, I thought I would fail too. I got a 89. I feel so proud.
Then, for a English test today, I thought I was going to get a 100, instead I got a 80.
This is random, but isn't everything?

Hello! I want popcorn. Anyone know why popcorn is tastes good?

Does anyone have world history? I sure do...

Thanks for accepting my membership request! 😃

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